Shared Hosting V/S Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting V/S Dedicated Hosting: Which is best for your website?

Web hosting is the crucial factor that helps to take your website online globally and the harsh truth is that it is often neglected by the website owners. Shared Hosting V/S Dedicated Hosting because they are not sure about which type of hosting is best for their website. There are some providers out there that don’t help the users to know which type of hosting is suitable for their website. They only aim to earn the profit instead of providing the qualitative service. There are various kinds of hosting solutions, but which one is suitable for your website? It is very tough to know whether Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting or Cloud is best for you. If you are the newbie or looking to switch existing plan and got confused between shared and dedicated, check this article to know which is best for your website?

Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting

I might you like this topic, therefore, I’ve decided to write on it.

Shared Hosting:

In shared hosting, one single server is shared by multiple users who use the same resources. All the users share the cost of storage, bandwidth, and other essential features. One user can’t access the account of another user and vice versa, so the system is safe and secure. It is one of the cheapest hosting solutions that is preferred by everyone. As I said before, if you are the newbie and looking to host your website, you can consider MilesWeb Cheap Shared Hosting plans starting from Rs.699.30/Yr. Moreover, it is the ideal solution for the students, developers and static website owners.

The benefit of shared hosting:-

Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting

Before using shared hosting, it is equally important to know some benefits of shared hosting that will enable you to know more about it.

1) Cost-effectiveness

It is the universal fact that shared hosting is offered at the budget-friendly cost and that is the reason for its popularity. Already, I have mentioned the cost of MilesWeb shared hosting plans which are quite affordable. You can check the plans and buy as per the requirement.

2) Easy customization

Even if a shared server is shared by various users, still you can manage your website with the help of the control panel. The control panel is the main tool that allows you to manage the website. You can upload the images, files and other important data depending on your requirement. In short, you can easily customize your data in shared hosting.

3) Convenience

Every website owner wants convenience in performing the daily activities on the website. In shared hosting, your website is managed by the hosting provider. This allows you to focus on the other activities by getting the adequate convenience.

Dedicated hosting:-

As stated before, if you are looking to switch your existing plan, dedicated hosting is the ideal solution. In dedicated hosting, you get full control on the server and you can manage it as per your need. As compared to shared hosting, it is less risky in terms of getting blacklisted and hacked.

In dedicated hosting, you get more control over its configuration and operating environment. Additionally, you get more resources and facilities in contrast to shared hosting. If you are looking for a cheap dedicated hosting plan, check MilesWeb Cheap Dedicated Server hosting plans starting from Rs. 4900/mo.

Benefits of dedicated hosting:-

1) Better response time:-

Every business owner aims to improve response time on their website and this is possible with the help of dedicated hosting. If your website experiences the sudden hike in the traffic, then dedicated hosting will handle the load and help to run the website smoothly. In short, you will get better response time if you opt for dedicated hosting.

2) Flexible

Dedicated hosting gives the flexibility to manage the server from your own. This is because you are the sole owner of the server and you get right to choose your operating system whether it is Linux or Windows. If you are an owner of an eCommerce website then you can install any shopping cart software and start running the business.

3) Security:-

No matter what is the size of the business website, security plays an important role. In case, your website consists of confidential data, it is equally important to protect your server with the highest level of security. Moreover, hardware and software firewalls are placed in the proper way on a dedicated server and continuous virus scans are carried out to avoid possible hacks and data breaches.



I hope this post must have helped you to know more about shared and dedicated hosting. It is suggested to choose the provider where you will get all required hosting solution right from support to uptime.


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