What are different on blogger vs WordPress

Most of the new users asked what the difference between blogger and WordPress and which one is better. Starting a blog can time consuming and a big task for beginners. First, you need to fully discover the platform you chose. SEO will wait. We all know there are 2 most used platforms for heavy text-based blogs. Both offer different design and other features. Their beginner can really be stuck. What should i choose? Which is better? In that case, we decided to help you choose the better option for you.

Let’s start the blogger vs WordPress comparison.

1. Ownership

As we all know blogger blogging service is provided by tech giant Google.¬† It’s free and it seems enough for publish your stuff on the web, but it’ s never owned by you! Google can shut down it at any time and can shut down your blog. If Google someday decided to close blogger you can lost all your published data.

WordPress is a bit different. There you use WordPress hosting providing to host your own website. You are to decide how long it exists and when you want to close it down. Your data is only your and only you control what kind of you share with third parts.


2. Control

Blogger is fine service but with very limited tools to perform just specific tasks on your site. Things that you can do on your page in blogger is limited and there’s no way to buy or add more.

WordPress is open source software, so can extend it with new features as you want. There is more than thousands plugins for WordPress that allow you to modify and add more features like store, portfolio, live chat etc.

If you want to run your business the WordPress would be the best option.

3. Appearance 


Blogger by default allow use only limited amount of templates. You can modify colors and layouts with built in tools, but you can’t create your layouts. There is non-official blogger templates to but these templates is very low quality.

There are more than thousands free and Premium WordPress themes that can allow you to create a professional visibility website. No matter for what your website is, you will definitely find all you need to create a good, professional website. All of this themes are high quality even when it’s free and allow you to customize and modify it.

4. Portability

Moving your blogger website is a hard task. There is big risk to lose all SEO rankings, subscribers and followers in the moving process. When you think blogger allows to export data. Your info will stay long time in Google servers.

WordPress allow you to move your website at any time you want. You can change the domain name, hosting or just move to another content management system.

If you really care about your SEO rankings the WordPress is best option.

5. Security

Blogger added Google robust secure platform. You don’t need to worry about resources, backup and secure.

WordPress is pretty secure, but you can still be able to secure and backup. And there is many plugins to help you.

6. Support

Blogger support is limited. They have only basic documentation and user forum, so your choices is very limited.

WordPress is very active community support system so there is online documentation, forums, chatrooms where you can get help from professional developers. There is many companies that offers premium support for WordPress.


7. Future

Blogger never see update since very last time ago. Google just kill their popular services like Google reader and etc. Blogger future depends only on Google and they can close it at any time they want.


As i told before WordPress is opensource and that means it’s future is not dependent on someone or companies. It is developed by a community of developers and users. WordPress are most popular content management system now. Many businesses and stores depends on it. So it’s future is quite bright and shine.


We really hope that this comparison is very helpful to you. Hope you can now really make your decision. No matter which of these platform you choose it depends only on you and your needs. If you think that we missed something please let us know. We discover all stuff for you.

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