Top 10 Most Popular Sites to Start a Blog in 2017

Hello, Everybody, I’m glad to write an article about this topic, Today I’m sharing the 10 Most Popular blog websites to start a simple blog and getting the earn money as per your articles. simplest my website is already had at one platform those I sharing below listed and you enjoy to read this article.  Blog sites is a great way to start a simple blogging career. A blog is very simply created and start to write articles, add the images, gallery, audio, video object, etc.  Development Platform that allows to users to create a Mobile or HTML  (Hypertext Markup Language) Websites. Thru a create systems for many tools to like Blogging.

If anybody wants a simple page to follow some coding like to see above names. I’m sharing for many websites below listed to shows with Alexa rank and you thinking about some websites which blogging website platform is the most.

Top 10 Best Blog (Blogging) Sites | Websites

  1. | Alexa Global rank icon 167  | Site URL = is the best website software. I know that it’s not a software it’s a simple and high platform to create a simple and high professional blog as per your requirements to in other, In open source blogging tool and a CMS (Content Management System), is using the language MYSQL and PHP. PHP Means PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Predecessor) and MYSQL Means MySQL (officially pronounced as /maɪ ˌɛskjuːˈɛl/ “My S-Q-L“,).

What’s you posting in your website I’m showing some types below listed

  • Type Content.
  • Management Systems
  • – Content Management
  • Frame Work, Blogging,
  • Content Writing
  • Images Fashion, business,
  • Operating Systems
  • Cross Platform
  • Platform – PHP
  • License – GNU GPLv2
  • You can control each and every full aspect for your blog,

   2. | Alexa Global rank icon 33  | URL is the free platform like a blogging to blogger platform it’s very same but some change near here that I show below before I introduce about after anything sharing.

  • Mapping
  • CSS Coding to add as per your mind what’s on say
  • Update and articles
  • Upload a Video
  • Removal of ads

    3. Weebly | Alexa Global rank icon 245 | Site URL

A blogger that allow linking SEO, SEO Means (Search Engine Optimization) Weebly is the most popular patiently to working are like landing page as per your business, or requirements, that allowed Weebly. where the SEO capabilities are wired right into the site to that Weebly has created a feature drop or drug allows. it makes a website to do now.

4. WIX | Alexa Global rank icon 401 | URL
Wix is the Most Popular website to working much peoples are come here and tell the story like to his mind or working to create a simple blog website page.

Many people are working to like a landing page for his business or shops, I’m already sharing on my website to for how to create a landing page for free.

Wix is able to simple website for real or related to WordPress websites, sometimes that provided high authority basics,




5. Joomla | Alexa Global rank icon 620 | URL

Here show the old Joomla version

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<extension version="2.5" type="template">
	<author>John Doe</author>
	<copyright>John Doe 2008</copyright>
	<description>My New Template</description>

6. Blogger | Alexa Global rank icon 125 | URL www.blogger.comBlogger is the platform by google, blogger is the very most popular platform to create a simple blog as per your articles to write and publish, More peoples to get your articles or share to others friends. this time thousands of peoples using I have already many blogs for my names. The blog is very nice design by google and provided many templates to choose and add now. which you like. Blogger is very quick to going top at google and per day getting high traffic, Why blogger better from Others, Because blogger has many experiences to shows as many peoples. this time a million blogs created or canceled but sometimes peoples to create a blog and kill now don’t have any interest in working at this platform, Blogger is already fully SEO but you just index your blog.

Some Types Blogger is Good

7. Ghost | Alexa Global rank icon 36,575 | URL


Ghost is the most popular platform to provide a very simple or clean blog as per you for.





  8. Tumblr | Alexa Global rank icon 47 | URL

Tumblr is the most popular social network marketing website that provides the many knowledge or entertainments.









9. Penzu | Alexa Global rank icon 32,168 | URL

 Penzu is the world-wild website, to provided to create a simple blog this time have 2 million writers around the world.
   10. Medium | Alexa Global rank icon 381 | URL
Medium is the most popular website for Made 2012 by Evan Williams to sharing the social networking or (twitter owner telling him the very best offer for this platform distinct story-telling feel.

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