How to outline text in CSS (with Coding Show)

Today, I will show you how to create CSS Outline in HTML web page. Its very simple just code and create CSS Outline in HTML web page. So friends follow these tags and code in you an HTML and see the result.

See these code and tags and create CSS Outline in HTML the web page.



p {

    border: 1px solid black;



p.dotted {outline-style: dotted;}

p.dashed {outline-style: dashed;}

p.solid {outline-style: solid;}

p.double {outline-style: double;}

p.groove {outline-style: groove;}

p.ridge {outline-style: ridge;}

p.inset {outline-style: inset;}

p.outset {outline-style: outset;}





<h2>wikiwon is best website in internet</h2>


<p class="dotted">A wikiwon</p>

<p class="dashed"> A wikiwon </p>

<p class="solid"> A wikiwon </p>

<p class="double"> A wikiwon </p>

<p class="groove"> A wikiwon </p>

<p class="ridge"> A wikiwon </p>

<p class="inset"> A wikiwon </p>

<p class="outset"> A wikiwon </p>


See result friends! what’s in web page see.



see result see what’s in


page. I hope you understand how to code and


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