How to add floating video feature in WordPress

So, we have been seeing this floating video feature on quite a few video sharing sites nowadays and I tried to implement floating video feature in WordPress and here is how I did it. I used to wonder how video is being played in the corner of the page and as we scroll down it comes down straight. But, after I knew how floating video feature works, I decided to write about it.

If you add videos to your WordPress blog posts then you might wanna add floating video feature in WordPress. Because it will help your readers to play video and read the rest of article by scrolling down along with the video in floating mode. Read the rest of the article, to add floating video feature in WordPress and surprise your WordPress blog readers.

Adding Floating Video feature in WordPress

Floating video plugin allows you to embed YouTube videos in your WordPress blog posts and as the user of your website scrolls down the post to read the rest of your article and they will find the video floating down the post which is pretty insane. You can not only embed YouTube videos but also ogg, mp4 file. So, just forget about losing the interest of your blog users in the video because the video will automatically move and stick to one of the corners of the window so they can watch the video and read the page at the same time. The floating video feature in WordPress helps you to create an effect like the one that can be seen on the videos of CNN, Daily Mail, and the new material design version of YouTube.

See the floating video in action

The following screenshot shows, how the plugin will work when you activate it and add shortcode in your blog posts to implement floating video feature in WordPress.

Floating Video in WordPress
Floating Video in WordPress

Download Floating Video Plugin

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