Top transforming cars in real life – Video

Let’s talk a little bit on cars. I’m so enthusiastic of riding in one of these cars i’m about to share. If not for anything, but to experience the transformer feature.
Almost everyone who as watched transformers loved the way the robots changed in a flash into exotic cars right?.  I loved it too an wished that my car will sometime have that transformers feature. well, my wishes are becoming true.

Car manufactures are on their toes rolling out the next generation cars features, bringing us closer to what we see in the movies. Currently transforming cars are not available for mass production, but flying cars are closer are. With the first manned flying drone Dubai you can expect flying cars to be a thing by 2020. It seems far but it is quite close for car manufactures who want to remain in the business.

Watch this video below to see transforming cars in real life.

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