How to add Age Restriction in WordPress

To limit your visitors to access your site by age restriction, you can do that in WordPress. If you are WordPress user and want to add age restriction in WordPress blog for many reasons then you can do that by reading the rest of the article.

In this article, I have gathered new information regarding how to add age restriction in WordPress and you will be able to add age restriction on your blog if you follow this step by step guide. Protect your site from hackers and make sure you add brute force security protection in WordPress so you don’t get your site hacked by some random attacker.

How to add Age Restriction in WordPress

WP Age Verifier is a WordPress plugin that prompts every new user to provide age verification before displaying the content of site.

This plugin ask your visitor to enter the age in the modal popup on frond-end. When user verifies his/her age modal popups fades out and visitor can see site content. It remembers visitors for a number of days specified by admin front and back-end.

Age Restriction in WordPress (LITE VERSION)

  • Automatic apply age verification process on front-end
  • Manageable Minimum Age For User To Access Site Content
  • Manageable Remember Days For Visitors
  • Multi Site Compatible
  • WPML compatible and multi lingual

WP Age Verifier (PRO VERSION)

  • Apply Restrictions On Specific Posts / Pages
  • 10 Stunning, ReadyToUse & Responsive Popup Templates
  • Apply Restrictions On Posts With Particular Category
  • Apply Restrictions On Particular Products
  • Apply Restrictions On Specifc Post Types / Custom Post Types
  • Manageable & Different Date Formats To Ask BirthDate From Site Visitor
  • Apply Restrictions On Woocommerce Products Belonging To Particular Product Category
  • Upload & Manage Main Background Image Of POPUP (Full Size Cover Image) from Backend.
  • Download WP Age Verification System

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