Blue Whale Challenge APK Latest Version Download (Suicide Game)

hai barudak! Kumaha damang sadayana? Urang sadaya cinta maén kaulinan boga fun pisan dina kahirupan urang, pikeun ngasah akal urang jeung keur gaduh senang. Urang bogoh ka narima tantangan dina kahirupan urang. Bari ngawangkong ngeunaan tantangan urang datangna accross jinis kaulinan anu ngaran jadi The Blue lauk paus tangtangan. nyawa dasarna ayeuna teh kaulinan bener pisan bahaya nu geus dicokot tina loba Wayang kulit di nagara béda. Ku kituna lamun urang ngobrol ngeunaan fakta balik kaulinan ieu, di handap aya fakta:

Maca deui: UCmini 10.4.2 Handler 4.0.0 APK 10.4.2 haratis Undeur

  • Bulao lauk paus henteu kaulinan diundeur, software atawa aplikasi sangkan teu sadia masarakat awam dina loba situs web.

  • Dasarna téh mangrupa fenomena média sosial nu asup dina jaringan média sosial ngaliwatan Grup rusiah.

  • Conto fenomena média sosial ngawengku Hawking és LIPI tantangan, nu Pokémon lebet kaulinan, jeung Harlem ngocok.

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  • The challenge started in the social media networks of Russia for the very first time.

  • It is said to have 50 challenges which are keenly monitored by a curator. These challenges include watching horror movies, self-harming yourself and ultimately committing suicide.

  • So basically it comes out to be a life threatening game.

  • Players are expected to take photos of them undertaking the challenge then they have to send those photos to the curator as a proof.

  • There are unverifiable claims that over 100 youngsters have killed themselves yet undergoing those challenges of this game, but there is no proof yet that this figure is real.

  • The curator replied that the victims were biological waste and he was cleansing society.

  • There is the news roaming around about the 14 years-old Mumbai guy who jumped off the roof of his house. Some people are claiming that he did it as a dare while playing the online game.

  • Recently the government has directed top internet platforms – Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Microsoft and Yahoo – to immediately take down any links leading to the ‘deadly game’.

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So guys this is it for now. But we will be back with some new stuff for you guys next time. If you really care about your friends and family then kindly do share this information with them through social networking websites. I hope it would help them in being safe from this deadly game. Don’t forget to give us thumbs up.

  • Blue Whale Game Features: Screen hardware features: The app requires the device to use the portrait or landscape orientation. If your app supports both orientations, then you don’t need to declare either feature.
  • Root Required: teu
  • Maca deui: Paytm APK Vérsi panganyarna (4.4.1) haratis Undeur
  • Offers In-App Purchase: teu
  • Support Languages: ca, da, fa, ja, nb, de, af, bg, th, fi, hi, vi, sk, Inggris, el, nl, pl, sl, tl, am, di, ko, ro, ar, fr, hr, sr, tr, cs, es, eta, lt, pt, hu, ru, zu, lv, sv, iw, sw, fr_CA, lo_LA, en_GB, et_EE, ka_GE, km_KH, zh_HK, hy_AM, zh_CN, en_IN, mn_MN, es_US, pt_PT, zh_TW, ms_MY

Blue Whale APK Download Info

Maca deui: Cyberduck for Mac 6.2.10 / 6.3.0 Nightly Review & Alternatives

File Name: Blue Whale.apk
Version: 1.1
harga: Free
ukuran: 33.94 MB

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Hatur nuhun ngadatangan. Mangga buka deui. Cinta anjeun sadaya!

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  1. Muktaz September 14, 2017 / 11:24 am

    Funny game. I had played 6tasks. But i am not a fool to weakup early in the morning and singing admins song. I am the king of my life. The admin of Blue Whale Challenge, he is a just a mad. In my point of view blue whale is not a game. It should be categorised under hyonotice puzzle trick. In my exprance why i cut my hand with razor.? What type of benifit behind it? I dont get, thats why i nerver follows admins roles. Admin cant do anything with me. Bcoz i have no any beloved. I am lonely. All family members are passes away to haven.

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