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Free Paypal Cash is the most popular android app using a million peoples using this app, and send the money for free with also receive cash via bank, others, if any problems show in your PayPal account which, direct contact from customer service, That’s allowed many countries but doesn’t allow in Pakistan
PayPal is the most popular website, many websites are provided the shopping options and via PayPal cash money.

Free Paypal Cash: earn Duit

Introducing CashWallet an awesome app to earn your Free Gift Cards and Paypal Cash for downloading free apps and watching videos. Get Free Gift cards from, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam Wallet, apel, Walmart, Target and much more….

How it works:

  1. Install CashWallet App on your smartphone and register with a verified Google or Facebook account.
  2. Download and Run Free Apps from PlayStore or Watch Videos and Earn Coins
  3. Redeem Coins for free Gift Cards and Paypal Cash

What are you waiting for? Download the Cash Wallet app and Start Earning free Gift Cards today.

Rewards Available:
$2, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 Paypal Cash
$2, $5, $10 Amazon Gift Card
$10, $25, $50 Google Play Gift Card
$10, $20, $50 Steam Wallet Gift Card
$10, $25, $50 iTunes Gift Card

More rewards available on request.


Fixed Currencies and Minor Bugs

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