Shopify Back in Stock Alerts App Simple Reminder Increases Your Sales

What do you think is bringing your Shopify customers back again and again? Is it for providing flawless service, a successful sales strategy, the quality of goods, or for providing bonuses or promotions? We would take an educated guess and say they are not the defining factors. Your customers come back to the store that cares about them!. It’s exactly about caring for the customer that always works to bring your products more value and safeguards your client’s loyalty. But what happens if their trust and satisfaction are suddenly betrayed?

For the customer it sounds like this: “not this time, friend; it’s time to look somewhere else and find some other options.”

Shopify is a great platform to implement all your eCommerce ideas and bring them to life, so it’s possible to regain their loyalty and trust with a relevant plugin. You will now have the ability to notify your customers when a product will appear in stock with an alerts app.

Back in Stock Shopify App Increases Conversion

Shopify Notify When Back in a Stock app is just one of the great solutions for solving the out of stock or sold out the problem. With this app, you can send notifications to users by email when the goods will reappear in stock. Outwardly, it is a widget that prompts the user to leave his/her email and receive a notification of the product delivery. that’s how this Shopify store app works.

Let’s look at an example. Traditionally, sales volume significantly increases before the Christmas holidays. A store owner orders a shipment of goods but later the demand turns out to be much higher than expected at the time of purchase. With the Shopify Back in Stock Alerts App, you can:

  • Prevent panic and frustration of customers since the app integration is fully automated;
  • Get a list of emails of your store’s loyal customers;
  • Accurately calculate the number of goods that customers are ready to purchase.

For Whom Is This App Specifically Relevant?

However, some stores can get additional benefits from the app when compared to some other stores. These are the cases:

    • You sell a product that has many different models or options. But you must remember at all costs – Do not break the customers’ trust!
    • Mail-out plays an especially important role in your business. For you, such a widget will be another way to get the user’s contact information and set up automatic mail-out. The content of emails is easily customized to your needs and integration with mailing services is also available.


It’s never too late to make an attempt to get a customer to return. And even if the customer has already purchased the goods in another store, he/she will be pleased that you took the time to care for them and to communicate with them. And they will surely thank you for new visits and purchases. Moreover, there are wonderful tools that make it possible to notify customers without any hassle.

We hope this article was interesting and useful for you and your business and we wish you good luck in conquering the top of eCommerce!

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