How Important Are Headings for SEO?

Heading tags is a tags that is used of heading creation. The most important tag is <h1> and after that goes down a hierarchy like <h2>,<h3> till <h6>.

We just need to be write this post. Cause there is a lot of questions and interests about headings and they importance.

Most of the times user actually didn’t know how to change heading setup on website.

So there is two ways how this tags can structure your website. Classic HTML just need need to be one <h1> tag on each page, maybe  a couple <h2> tags can follow and allow you combine it all on entire document.

But in HTML5 is a little difference each section tags (just like <article><section> etc.) starts again with <h1>.

This is for simplify to combine several components on just one page and still has a valid output.

It is very perspective but a little harder to understand if you are new in this.

And now you definitely want to ask what value do headings for your website SEO.

So it’s feels like that it value less than it was, but it’s still help Google to grasp long posts on your website.

Google can scan your post and why do not make this process much easiest as possible?

There are another stuff like great content and markup that helps in rankings more then heading structure. But using a nice heading structure helps your clients as well.


So if you have any thoughts about heading and SEO or you think that we missed something just let us know. Feel free to leave your opinion in comments below.

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