MOTO G4 VS MOTO X 2018 (تبصرا)

In This Article, will show the good MOTO G4 VS MOTO X 2018 (تبصرا), When you are choosing the mobile and you came at the market now you are thinking which one is best for us MOTO G4 VS MOTO X 2018? I Would share with all of you about this MOTO G4 VS MOTO X 2018 (تبصرا), with Cros and pros, doesn't matter is that, should I write the bad review. سپ کان پهريان, Lets Begin. MOTO G4: Other Country like as US, UK, UAE, هانگ ڪانگ, آسٽريليا, others this mobile price Below listed. Prices> وڌيڪ پڙهڻ [...]

3 Best Reasons to buy iPhone 8 گڏوگڏ

iPhone 8 plus it's a best phone in the world I like it, and the Reasons : 3 Best Reasons to buy iPhone 8 Plus 1-The screen Genuine Tone is astounding. This tech is the thing that permits the iPhone to coordinate the light it produces from the screen to the encompassing light around you. So outside, in sunlight, the screen is a cooler, bluer tone and inside it has a hotter tint to it.   For what reason does this make a difference? Indeed, it takes into account better on-screen hues. وڌيڪ پڙهڻ [...]

ڊائون لوڊ ترين Haier بنا ڊرائيور (سڀ ڊوائيسز)

Haier هڪ اهم ترين موبائل پاڪستان ۾ داخل ڪمپني آهي. Haier عجيب موبائل بهترين ۽ بنا ڊرائيور وٺڻ جي Haier صحبت ڪري اڄ ئي اوھان رڪن جت ۾ اڄ به وٺي سگهون ٿا استعمال ڪرڻ گھري ٿو. بنا ڊرائيور انسٽال ڪرڻ جي ضرورت هجڻ ضروري آهي. Haier بنا ڊرائيور پنهنجي موبائل ۾ ٿوري تبديلي به چند منٽن اندر پنهنجي موبائيل کي بهتر ڪرڻ لاء راضي. You have to install Haier USB Driver, If you had to install in your mobile Haier USB Driver, WIKIWON هاڻي فراهم. Download Latest Haier USB Drivers I have already shared today وڌيڪ پڙهڻ [...]

ڇو آمريڪين کي Android ائپ ۽ پيار ايپل به iOS ماڻهونء کي ڇا?

Why do They do? پهريون, of all, i can give you Why Do Americans Hate Android App And Love Apple iOS? پيپلز چيو Android پاڻ جي لاء استعمال ڪرڻ جي غريب ماڻهن آهي, پر هاڻي لاڳو آهي پر طاقتور جي مارڪيٽ ۾ آيو ۽ پڻ, ايپل مارڪيٽ ۾ مٿي تي هجڻ گهرجي, Market wanna take best models of new mobile but any new mobile came in the market should allow everything new setup, جڏهن ته سٺي آهي, لڳ ڀڳ امڪان ايپل iOS, آمريڪين کي Android ائپ ماڻهونء کي ڇا??? Nothing new listlessly but Android is using common وڌيڪ پڙهڻ [...]

روس ۽ سڄو Specification ۾ Jolla Jolla سي پوري قيمت (گلگت بلتستان)

Jolla Jolla C Released 2016, May 150g, 9.6mm thickness Sailfish 2.0 16گلگت بلتستان رکڻ, microSD card slot N/A114,604 HITS 21BECOME A FAN 5.0″ 720×1280 pixels 8MP 1080p 2GB RAM Snapdragon 212 2500mAh Li-Ion Full Specs NETWORK Technology GSM / HSPA / LTE LAUNCH Announced 2016, May Status Available. آزاد 2016, May BODY Dimensions 142 x 72 x 9.6 ميلي (5.59 x 2.83 x 0.38 ۾) وزن 150 ز (5.29 oz) SIM Dual وڌيڪ پڙهڻ [...]

Windows لاء ڀلو nokia پي سي عملو ڊائونلوڊ ڪريو (32/64 سا)

Considering a lot of USB driver problems, Nokia PC suite when installed can be used to fix USB driver problems. If you use Nokia smartphone, then you should consider yourself very lucky to have this new Free version of PC suite for your Windows OS running PC. This Nokia PC suite can enable you to connect your Nokia phone very easily to PC. It easily detects the model of your Nokia smartphone and installs the compatible USB driver. After which you’ll enjoy syncing your mobile data in PC and transfer وڌيڪ پڙهڻ [...]