Sign Up form HTML Code for Website

So friends how to create a sign-up form in HTML web page so friends lets see.

Here some tags we use and some PHP coding and create sign up form.

So see this all and learn how to create sign up form in HTML web page simple see.

<form action="action_page_url.php">    <div class ="container">      <label><strong>E-mail</strong></label>      <input type="text" placeholder="Enter Your Email" name="email" wymagany>         <label><strong>Hasło</strong></label>      <input type="hasło" placeholder="Enter Your Password" name="hasło" wymagany>         <label><strong>Potwierdź hasło</strong></label>      <input type="hasło" placeholder="Confirm Your Password" name="password-confirm" wymagany>      <input type="checkbox" checked="checked">I agree to <a href="#">Warunki & Conditions</za>.</p>         <div class ="clearfix">        <button type="przycisk"  class ="red-button">Deny</przycisk>        <button type="submit" class ="green-button">Zapisz się</przycisk>      </div>    </div>  </form>

So friends see these tags or code and create sign up form in HTML so see this and create sign up form in HTML web page so do you like this so please like, dzielić, komentarz, thank you, I hope you understand how to code and create the sign up from thank you again.

HTML is the most popular language to using in a web page or working at coding.

Here Near to show the code to create a sign-up form above some codes.

Copy the code to add in your web page or save now. Get the code or add now if you forget the web page to save its your very big mistake.

Nadzieję, że jak w tym artykule, jeśli nie upewnij się nadać mu kciuki i dobry komentarz na dole.

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