Kodi kusamalira Town Oyera Building Partnerships

Kodi kusunga mudzi wathu

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) Said that

Cleanness is half Truth

Choyambirira, we should follow this Hadees of (P.B.U.H) It’s mean that we are to clean our each an everything which is belonged to our living style, For Example, We should clean our clothes, body, teeth and this place where we are living when we see any society ever. In which style they are living, if we see that they are living Uncleanness suppose, is their home in their body, clothes are dirty, So we should try to reform their living style.

The doctor says that 80% dases increase because of uncleanness so, we shouldn’t use anything without washing we must eat every fruit after washing, If we Pass our life according to these rules we will be healthy and Happy.

Always keep clean your town by yourself.

She has been cleaning his home since morning but now her home looking Fine.

Ndife Asilamu tiyenera kutsatira chiphunzitso cha Islam.

Islam gives us the sense of purity cleanliness.We should, Choncho, be clean in action and thought.

Mneneri wathu woyera (mtendere ukhale pa iye) anakonda ukhondo, tiyenera kunyadira kutsatira mapazi ake.

mu zotsogola countries even today people dust their houses and its surroundings themselves.In the evening the sprinkling water on the roads in front their houses.

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These things may be a cause of an epidemic and disease in the town we should not spit on the floor it also cause disease.If you fine heap of dirty laying on the streets you should report to the municipality to send its staff for its removal feels its responsibility then pollution can be checked and controlled easily.


Ndikuyembekeza inu ngati m'nkhani ino, ngati munachita onetsetsani kupereka mwayigwira ndi ndemanga zabwino pansi.

Siyani Mumakonda

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