Pakistani Flag | How Can Pakistani Peoples Celebrate His Independence Day

Flag, Pakistani Peoples Celebrate

Pakistan is a small country which is independence on 14 August this day Pakistani peoples celebrate an independence day in all places of Pakistan in every city, town, and villages. They show that we are love to our country. They are pulling a flag on his houses, offices, school and every building. Every country has a flag which shows his country in the world. Every country has different types and colors in his flag. Pakistan also has a flag which flag has a White and green colors with moon and star. Every color has a different meaning. First of all white color shows that Pakistani peoples are peaceful and green color shows that Pakistan is a greenery.

In the independence day, Pakistan has a government holiday. In this day Pakistani peoples give gifts to his relationships and to this day a lot of events have about an independence day. So today i will tell you that how can they celebrate these events or this day first of all they pray and study a Holi Quran and then they sing a Naat after then they are using a National song of Pakistan which is also called a ” Qaumi Tirana” in Urdu after the singing a song they are salute a flag and eats sweets to friends. Then they are starting an event and in this event, they speak a speech, songs, and dance. In the end of the event, they say some promises about the peace, love and a hard working for the country.


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