Donate your car truck boat or RV to a California charity. Find hundreds of respected car donation charities in California and donate online or call us toll-free.
Car donation is the better way to help support to people who have to need without bothering himself You are donating the car for removing the old car It is a good alternative for people who have the old car by getting rid of an old useless vehicle With this donation you are also helping to other people.
Donate a Car in California, help and get a tax break! 

We get lots of questions from people wanting to know how to donate a car,


Donate a Vehicle Through Cars Helping Charities & Help Craig.
Tip: very useful for hiking to find your car again or to tell your friends where to meet. This app is soo much more than just a simple GPS car-parking app, try it out now,

Always been free of charge app and will continue to be so. To finance the development we decided to show a few ads in the app. If you do not like the advertising, you can remove the ads completely by donating 0.99€ or 1.21$ (US-Dollar). (An explanation on how to donate can be found in the app)


  • What is the amount of the tax deduction I will receive?
  • What can I donate?
  • I want to donate a car in California but I’m missing my title.
  • Is my car still eligible for donation?
  • How can I replace my missing title?
  • Where do I sign my California title?
  • How do I transfer the ownership of my car?
  • Would you like to meet one of our service providers?


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