How Can Indian Peoples Celebrate His Independence Day in Every Year

Peoples Celebrate:

Every which country people’s celebrate an independence day which is getting an independence. So India is also got an independence to the British government on 15 August 1947 before the one day Pakistan also gets an independence.

So today I will tell you that how they can celebrate his independence in every year. In this day they have a lot of events in every place of the country. Then they sing a National song of India in Hindi language and then they show the dance, music, and dramas. In the last of event, they pray for his country and give a promise to that we are always working for her country and love for his country.


They are love for his country that they want to show so they are buying flags which are they pull on his vehicles, schools, homes, Hospital, universities, colleges, shops and another place. They are also buying badges which are they pull on his clothes and they are also buying clothes, caps and other things which is made by his flags type colors. In the every place or roads you only and only listen to the songs which are made about for the country. In the last, I want to say that they are taking a pooja pat(Pray) for his country.

Feature Will Coming

  • Try To Celebrate Of his day is very honest.

  • 80% People’s is Celebrate.

  • Try to include the items,

  • Would you able to the best performs.


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