Facebook throws in more control on what information you share with third party

Facebook throws in more control on what information you share

The Cambridge Analytical scandal has brought the world largest social networks on it’s toes for some time. In reaction to the accusations thrown at facebook, Mark Zuckerberg steps out of the dark to take a side. Read what he said here.

Facebook has come with an easier means of letting you control your personal information sharing. But that will come in the “next few weeks”. According to Mark, all of the privacy and security setting will be shifted to an easy to access Privacy Shortcut.

A lot of you are asking how to control what information you share on Facebook, who has access to it, and how to remove it. We recently put all your privacy and security settings in one place called Privacy Shortcuts to make it easier to use. We’re going to put this in front of everyone over the next few weeks. We’re also going to put a tool with all the platform apps you’ve signed into in at the top of your News Feed so you can easily remove any apps you no longer use.
-Mark Zuckerberg

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