BEST WEB HOSTING SERVICES (Reviews & Comparison)

We’ve ranked Siteground as our number 1 web host. Not only for their outstanding user satisfaction rating, but also for their long list of features, How to choose the best web hosting in 2017 related previous companies using oldest, that backup setup has been save in PC,


Be sure your web host can accommodate have shown below.

  • e-commerce
  • storefronts
  • wireless capability
  • blogs
  • forums
  • chats
  • online interactive helps
  • Anything else you want to add onto your site.

Over 60 web hosting companies reviewed based on server performance data and … WHSR Hosting Reviews – The Best Web Hosting List 2017. Whatever you know the data must be included on your hosting when you purchase the high package price.

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Your web host will charge you a fee for monthly service that ranges from $10 or $20 to the more expensive $50.00 per month. Plan to pay between $300 and $500 per year to your web host.

Estimate what your growth needs are and ensure that this web host can serve you as you grow. The last thing you want to do is change host midway unless you absolutely have to do so.

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Check your bandwidth capability to be sure that, if your website traffic grows rapidly, your customers will not have to wait to download or view information. Three things to look for in a web hosting company are:

  1. Excellent Customer Support:

    Your hosting provider should be there for you 24/7 and give you instant access to the technicians you need to solve your problem. Ask them how long it takes for them to typically respond to your problem. A good test is to call them in the mid night to check if you get to a live, level 3 support. Here are nine ways you can learn more about your customers and start to create a pattern of excellent customer service in your small business. Know Your Product or Service. Daly and Newton/ Stone/ Getty Images. Be Friendly. Say Thank You. Train Your Staff. Show Respect. Listen. Be Responsive. Ask for Feedback. Customers are at the heart of company success. Delivering excellent service means exceeding customer expectations for a truly…

  2. A Sound Infrastructure:

    Check whether they offer a multi-homed network powered by multiple bandwidth providers to ensure redundancy. Some offer a 100% guarantee on its network availability or network uptime.


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  3. Financial Stability:

    If you’re running very critical operations, you can't afford to be with a hosting company that may not be in business in a few months. Financial stability is a state in which the financial system, i.e. the key financial markets and the financial institution system is resistant to economic shocks.



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