14 August Independence Day: Independence Means?


Independence Means: The word Independence means “Free from any dependency” when any nation moves independence it improves its present condition and spends their lives according to their own rules.

Just like other nations, For Pakistani nation Independence day is very important. The Muslim was the nation who was the leader of all India before British attack on India. The condition of Muslims after this attack down day after day. After it in 1887 an another strike started against British Law. It was started by Hindus and Muslims both but after a few months, Hindus left the Muslim alone. The cause of this strike Muslims left their value in front of British leaders.

This strike went forward and in 19937 Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah presented the separate country for the Muslim nation where they can spend their lives according to Islamic rules and laws. Initially, it was looking impossible but God is Great and Pakistan resolution was passed in 1940. Pakistan resolution was passed in 1940, 23 March as a separate country for free nation Muslims.

After this resolution demand pressure on Muslims increased and increased difficulties also. Those were some steps in regard to our freedom and steps to take a free country Pakistan. At last, in 1947 it became a separate country.

Situation after 14 August 1947

Expect of Muslims all other religions did not want that Pakistan appears on the map of World as a separate country, that’s why Muslims faced many problems in initial days. There were no any stationary for running offices.

When Muslim started Journey from Indian places to Pakistan, Hindus Nation started killing Muslims and killed 20 lac Muslim in one day. This country Pakistan is taken after the sacrifice of 20 lac Muslim.

Now situation in 2017

In this fact time, we don’t remember those people those were killed on 14 August 1947. We just celebrated 14 August. We’ve forgotten the real meaning of our independence. After 70 years of our freedom, we are now in a condition where we were before 70. Our new generation does not know what was the message of Pakistan.

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