How to Pair Your Laptop to a Bluetooth Mobile Connect

You want to share you laptop device to a Bluetooth mobile connect.

Such as Bluetooth is bit like WiFi in that allow you connect devices others without getting nature attach them also a cable.

First you have laptop and also mobile.

See this pic.

To connect a Bluetooth device to your PC you need to pair it first and go to setting charm.

Your laptop automatic searching a bluetooth device.

Bluetooth devices will show up after a short wait.

Now this tab show in your laptop screen want send file,receive file.

When you click on your device to pair it you’ll be given a code

I click send file this tab show now these searches show in your laptop.

When you click on your device to pair it you’ll be given a code…..

Which file you send now click your searched connect and next show this tab.

Then put the file and next type click next tab show send confirm click.

With the Bluetooth connection set up you shouldn’t need to pair the devices again.

You want receive file these tab show in your screen.

Your bluetooth search the single.

Now you are successfully.

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Posted By Mujeer

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