Hole io Mod APK

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Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle. Eat Hole io Mod APK everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town!

Hole io Mod APK

Casual and entertaining. Can spend hours on it. However, I have a few suggestions: 1. It needs Hole io Mod APK more levels and variations. 2. Upgrade Hole io Mod APK options like speed or some other special powers, like maybe ‘ a vortex’ for the holes can be added. 3. A bigger map with longer duration of gameplay Hole io Mod APK is a must. The game is too short. I would like to eat all of the biggest houses on the map, Hole io Mod APK but due to the short time span, I have never been able to do it. Hole io Mod APK The basic game gets the heart rate up šŸ™‚ SOOO much fun! Reminds me of another game I used to play and loved but competition and timed aspects add another level of fun. Hole io Mod APK I play on Chromebook and found so much easier to control with arrow keys than the mouse or touchscreen. Hole io Mod APK Does lag a bit when I’m not the biggest Hole io Mod APK and I go near one who is but then I just make sure I’m the biggest šŸ™‚

Download Hole io Mod APK

Whoever had the idea to create this Hole io Mod APK game is brilliant. The good part is that this game is a lot Hole io Mod APK of fun when you can keep getting bigger. The downside is that that isn’t always the case. Definitely needs a bigger map. Also, it desperately needs more gameplay options. Instead of just Hole io Mod APKĀ  the 2-minute play, how about multiple options for time, including unlimited. I had so much fun playing when I succeeded that I gave it 4 stars. But Hole io Mod APKĀ  there definitely needs to be a second version Hole io Mod APK with improvements.
Hole io Mod APK


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  • Want to compete directly with your friend’sĀ Hole io Mod APK
  • Follow these four simple tasksĀ Hole io Mod APK
  • Step 1: Open the “Local MultiplayerĀ Hole io Mod APK
  • the menu on the right and create a roomĀ Hole io Mod APK
  • Step 2: Make your friends joinĀ Hole io Mod APK

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