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The Hardback Mod APK is a deck-building word game, a prequel to Paperback. As an aspiring 19th-century novelist, you work to pen your next masterpiece, earning prestige along the way. Hardback Mod APK specialize your deck in certain genres to exploit card combinations, and press your luck to draw extra cards — but make sure you can still string a word together!

In this post, I’m going to tell you about Hardback Mod APK and you didn’t get any point from anywhere, therefore, I wanna write on it for you to know something when has Hardback Mod APK launched?

Hardback Mod APK has launched right now and now you can download it as you like.

After downloading you can write as you wish 😉

Hardback Mod APK for Android

Players build a deck of letters with various powers and race to 60 fame points to win with Hardback Mod APK.

I’ve been using Hardback Mod APK since right now but now I’ve decided to write on my awesome website and lovely my audience who has read my blog since 2 years, therefore, you can download Hardback Mod APK the and link already mention below. That’s why please do not forget to check it.


Superb features of Hardback Mod APK and included better features for my lovely people who read it.

  • 1-5 player hotseat and online async
  • 3 levels of computer opponents to challenge you.
  • No wilds in your deck – any card can be wild.
  • Push your luck for more cards with the Ink system.
  • Match genre colors to gain bonus abilities on your cards.
  • Fight over the coveted award cards.
  • Timeless Classic cards stay in play until someone uses them.
  • New hardcore mode – can’t repeat a word!

Download Hardback Mod APK & Included screenshots 🙂

Directly download

[appbox googleplay id=net.fowers.hardback screenshots]

If you have anything or type of issue problem you can contact us.


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