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Nougat Launcher is an Android™ 7.0 Nougat style launcher with many enhanced features; Native and feature-rich.

Main features:
– Latest Android 7.0 Nougat launcher style, available for Android 4.1+ devices

– Keep Android native experience, yet with MANY enahanced handy features

– Theme support, many beautiful themes and icon pack

– Three Drawer style: Vertical+Compact, Vertical+Sections, or Horizontal

– Gesture support, many gestures

– Hide App feature, you can even lock apps

– Drawer A-Z fast scroller, help you find and open app quickly

– Widgets classified by apps

– Grid size option

– Search bar option

– Swipe down to search in drawer

– Drawer color and drawer card options

– Icon size, icon label options

– Cool circle animation

– Lock desktop

– Unread counts


v2.5 (2017-2-9):
1. Add option for search page style
2. Optimize drawer horizontal animation
3. Optimize details in setting
4. Optimize edit mode
5. Fix bugs
1. New search page
2. Optimize drawer card
3. Fix can’t get weather
1. Release Prime KEY to remove ad, thanks for your support to Nougat Launcher’s continual development
v2.0 :
1. Add double tap to lock screen
1. Add unread counts
1. Add weather widget
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I like the style and the Launcher is fast and responsive even with a custom icon pack – the only problem i encountered is that the weather and clock widget keeps showing the degrees in farenheit, not Celsius. I have tried changing the settings but it keeps reverting back to farenheit! This is not an issue on other devices. I am using a huawei p8 lite, please do something about it! It’s really annoying!

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