Homologous andian sy ny toetra mampiavaka ny andiany homologous

Homologous andian sy ny toetra mampiavaka ny andiany homologous


Series of organic compounds which have a same functional group, similar structural feature but differ from each other by an integer number of CH2 (methylene group) is calledHomologous series”. The number of homologous series differs by molecular mass 14.

Characteristics of Homologous series:


  1. All numbers of homologous series have similar structures.
  2. Physical properties of homologous series change progressively more than or less than with the number of carbon atoms.
  3. The members of homologous series are represented by same general formula CnH2n+2 for the alkane, CnH2n for alkene and CnH2n-2 for alkyne.
  4. The molecular formula difference between any two consecutive members is CH2.
  5. The molecular weight differences between any two successive members are 14.
  6. The various members of homologous series have the same general method of preparation.for example all alkanes can be prepared by the reduction of alkyl halide.
  7. The various members of homologous series show regular graduations in physical properties and have same chemical properties.
  8. The name of the member of a homologous series either end with same suffix or start with the same prefix.


Manantena toy ity lahatsoratra ity, Raha toa ka ho azo antoka omenao izany ho ankihiben-tànany ka tsara fanehoan-kevitra teo ambany.

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