Hair Towels Cotton

Top 8 Best Hair Towels Cotton of 2020

The company should have a button to tie the towel around the head because it makes it easier for customers. Top 8 Best Hair Towels Cotton of 2020 and as they have a loop system, some customers find it hard to tie the towel.

The company should make sure that the customers, when they are ordering online, get to choose their own colors and get their chosen colors in the package.

Moreover, some customers complained that even though they are promised 100% cotton product, they get a microfiber hair towel, and that is not acceptable for them.

Top 8 Best Hair Towels Cotton of 2020

The company should also clarify the length of the towel for the customers so that they know if the towel would be good enough for the length of their hair.

Utopia Towels 700 GSM

Utopia Towels 700 GSM

Not many people focus on the design of a towel that they are buying. However, towels are not used for home purposes only. Hair towels are kept in hotels and motels, where the owner wants customers to have a luxurious stay.

However, not everyone has the budget to spend on luxurious items, which is why getting hair towels/caps, for as cheap as $19.97, would be a blessing for the owner.

The best part is that such hair towels and wrap caps can be easily washed, and when the next customer uses it, he won’t feel bothered that someone else before him used it.


  • The material of the hair wrap or drying towel is soft premium cotton
  • The towel is very absorbent
  • The customer can easily dry their hair at a quick pace
  • Blow drying, when done at a high temperature or for a long duration, can damage hair, which is why a towel that lessens the need for hair drying, would be appreciated
  • It has an elastic and button, to tie it around the head
  • This can be easily tied and won’t move from its place
  • It can be given as a birthday gift or a gift for any other occasion
  • When customers wear this towel, they would feel like they are in a spa, because the cotton material of the towel is really soft
  • It is easily washable and dries quickly
  • The packaging of the towel is really good, as it comes in a white box, wrapped in a gift tissue paper.
  • This towel is better than a microfiber towel because it dries the hair quickly

  • It can be washed easily, as it doesn’t come with any special washing or even drying instructions

  • Customers found the packaging of the towel really appealing

  • The towel is of good quality and the threads of the towel don’t come off, like threads of other towels do

  • The shipment timing of the towel is quick

  • It can be used for long length hair as well.

  • Customers feel that the towel should be available in colors, other than white as well

  • The button which holds the towel around the head comes off at the fourth or fifth use

  • It can be too big for some head sizes

  • The cotton is not very smooth, because of which it might not be good for curly hair

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The Original Turbie Twist

The Original Turbie Twist

Turbie Twist is known for the quality hair towel that it manufactures and sells. There are many hair towels of Turbie Twist available on Amazon, each with different features and prices. The Original Turbie Twist is different, as it is available at the price of $8.99, and multiple features.


  • This towel is available in white, pink, blue and purple colors
  • Its material of the towel is 100% cotton
  • The towel can be washed in a washing machine
  • This towel comes in one size, which can be used by everyone
  • It is a lightweight towel
  • The tapered design of the towel makes it possible to fit all head sizes
  • It has a twist and loop system for customers to tie it around their head
  • The towel is super absorbent for the convenience of customers
  • The towel isn’t of microfiber, which is a huge concern for customers as microfiber doesn’t dry hair.
  • The cotton quality of the towel is really good

  • This is a long towel, which means people who have hair that reaches the mid of their back, would find this towel useful

  • The towel is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use microfiber

  • If someone has an early meeting to reach, then this towel makes it easier for them to dry their hair at a quick pace

  • The twist system, where the towel is tied to the head, is pretty easy to understand and use

  • This is a lightweight towel, which means that it doesn’t cause any pain to the neck or the head of a person

  • Some customers find that the price at which the towel is available is not very reasonable. This is because the same towel, along with another, is available at a lesser price, elsewhere

  • When customers order the original Turbie Twist, they don’t get to choose their own colors and the shipping company decides on their behalf

  • Some customers have found it difficult to tie the loop of the towel around their head. However, even if they weren’t successful in doing so, the towel still stayed on their head

  • Some customers didn’t get the 100% cotton hair towel that was advertised and were stuck with a microfiber hair towel that they didn’t want.

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Aspen5 Huge Cotton Hair Towel

Aspen5 Huge Cotton Hair Towel

Those who are conscious about the health of their hair, and don’t want it to be damaged in any way, prefer to buy hair towels. The Aspen 5 cotton hair towel, available on Amazon with a starting price of $7.80, contains features that customers would find very interesting.

This towel is recommended for those who have medium length hair because the ones that had long hair didn’t find this towel long enough.

Moreover, the company should pay extra attention to the material that they are using for this towel because many customers have complained about how the threads come off from the towel, the minute they use it.

Nobody would want threads covering their hair, and even though the texture of the towel is soft, the threads coming off can be a really irritating factor for them. However, many have complimented and have felt satisfied with respect to the length of the towel.


  • It is a 100% cotton hair towel
  • It is huge in size, 30 inches long
  • It can fit long and curly hair
  • It dries hair really quick
  • There are no slips or buttons on the headwrap
  • Women or men can tie the towel around their head with the help of a knot and loop
  • The knot and loop helps the towel stay in its place
  • The towel is lightweight and doesn’t strain the neck or put weight on the head
  • It is a portable towel and is best used for traveling
  • As it is 100% cotton, the material is super luxurious and is really soft
  • The towel is super absorbent and can dry the hair quickly
  • The length of the hair doesn’t affect the absorbency feature of the towel
  • There is a ninety-day warranty for the hair towel


Those who have used the towel, appreciate the size that it is available in. There are many hair towels available in the market that put much emphasis or pay attention to the size of the towel. Most companies manufacture towel that is a size one-fit-for-all, and this can be really bothersome for those who have long and thick hair.

The knot and loop system of closing the towel is easy to use, and it can be done quickly. This knot and loop system also holds the hair towel in place, so even if a person is bending down, the towel won’t come off.

Negative Reviews:

The thing that most customers have complained about, is that the threads of the towel come off when it is used for the first time.

However, another customer reviewed this problem and stated that if the towel is washed before or after the first use, then the thread problem goes away.

Most customers feel that the towel is not long enough, or at least they didn’t get the long towel that is advertised by the company.

There were customers who complained that the towel isn’t as absorbent as advertised, and it has the same absorbency power like other head towels in the market.

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Turbie Twist 4 Pack Cotton White

Turbie Twist 4 Pack Cotton White

Some people are very picky when it comes to hygiene. They won’t use a face towel to dry their hair or wipe their hands. When it comes to hair towels, customers would want towels that can absorb water easily, so that they are able to dry their hair without any delay.

It is suggested to customers to make sure that they are actually buying from the right company because there are some users on Amazon who sell knockoffs, and that could be a problem for customers.

To make the product better, the company should work on increasing the length of the towel. Every customer has complimented how the towels are absorbent and they work better than other hair towels.

However, in the same breath, customers have complained about their length. If this feature is rectified, then the company could sell more hair towels.

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The main selling point of these towels is that they are made of 100% cotton and quicken the hair drying process.


A pack of four towels is available on Amazon, for a price of $29.95. These hair towels are sold by Turbie Twist and have the following features:

  • The material of the hair towel is 100% cotton
  • The material is super absorbent
  • The material is suitable for both adults and kids
  • If adults and kids use this hair towel, then they would have to spend less time blow drying their hair
  • The towel stays in place and isn’t as annoying as other hair towels.
  • The best part about using a Turbie Twist hair towel is that it can be used for multitasking

  • The towel stays on a person’s head, whether they are applying makeup, checking their email or walking.

  • The towel has a tapered design, which makes it possible to fit all head sizes. This is why the features of the towel, tell the customer that this hair towel is perfect for adults and kids.

  • There are not many hair towels in the market, which can be used for multitasking

  • The towel has a twist and loop system, which makes it possible to stay in one place

  • The towel is advertised as 100% cotton, and those who have used it can testify that microfibers are not used in its making

  • The quality of the towel is really good, which means that a customer can use a single towel, for a long period of time

  • The thick, absorbent cotton used in the manufacturing of these towels, is hard to find in stores

  • There are concerns about the weight of the towel. Some might feel that as compared to other hair towels, these towels can be heavy and must be uncomfortable for the neck.

  • Another problem that some customers might feel is that these hair towels are not too long. These will be best for those who have thin or short hair, but if someone has thick and long hair, then the towel would be difficult to twist around. The rubber band won’t go till the end, and the customer won’t be able to wrap the towel.

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Hair RePear Ultimate Hair Towel

Hair RePear Ultimate Hair Towel

Anti-frizz hair towels are in demand now, because people have become more aware of how frizz damages their hair. Anti-frizz hair towels are hard to find, in terms of quality, but Hair RePear has developed a hair towel that not only dries them but also takes care of them.

This towel is super helpful for those who want to absorb the wetness of their hair quickly. If they have an appointment early in the morning, or if they have to go to different places, then they can always use this towel to quicken the natural process of drying.

Perhaps, the look of the towel is such that it is compared to an old cotton shirt, and this is something that the company should work on.

Also, when it comes to hair towels, the tying system, loop or elastic loop are the first ones to come off, and this could be a source of disappointment for the customers. To make things better, companies should focus on this specific feature.


  • It is a synthetic microfiber free hair towel
  • It is anti-frizz
  • This is 100% natural cotton and super smooth
  • It is very absorbent
  • The towel is large, covers the head, making it easier to dry
  • The price of the towel is $19.99 and it is available in white, pink and black colors
  • It gives one’s hair a really good feeling, as they look shiny and natural
  • An elastic band comes with the hair towel, which makes it easier to tie it around the head like a turban
  • Hairstyling can be done without damaging the hair through heat, as the towel dries the hair properly
  • It is appropriate for curly and straight hair as well
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • This is a really good hair towel for those who have a hard time drying their curls because they don’t add frizz to the end of the hair

  • The towel is quite large, and it is made of a thick-T-shirt fabric

  • If someone dyes their hair, then they should order the black hair towel, and not the white one, because it will get stained

  • The elastic loop is helpful and easy to use and it doesn’t break as other loops do

  • The towel doesn’t tug hair when it is wrapped around the head, which makes it comfortable to wear for a long duration

  • Those who have failed with other hair damage solutions would find this towel really helpful

  • It is lighter than an ordinary towel’s weight

  • This towel might not be suitable for those who have a large head and a ton of hair

  • Some customers feel that this towel is bulky and not very easy to carry around

  • Some customers complained that the elastic loop did come off after some uses

  • Many customers have compared this towel with an old cotton shirt, which is economical and can dry hair similar to this hair towel

  • When customers wash this towel, they usually find lint on it

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uProCare Hair Towel

uProCare Hair Towel

There are things that people need in their everyday life. There are things that people need for their personal hygiene and these things consist of towels, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, conditioner and hair towels.

Hair towels, regardless of how some would perceive them as useless, are used on a daily basis by those, who want to dry their hair properly and not damage them in the process. Such is a hair towel, manufactured by uProCare.

The main problem with this hair towel is that the button is not very nicely attached and breaks easily. The elastic and button system needs to be improved so that customers don’t feel disappointed when they use the towel. The absorbent power of the towel is really good, and a strong point for the seller.


  • This towel is made from a super luxurious fabric, which gives it a very soft feeling
  • The towel weighs 150 grams, which makes it very lightweight and easy to carry around
  • This hair towel can be used for a long time because it is durable. Even after it is repeatedly washed and dried, it won’t lose its touch
  • The towel is structured in such a way that it lets the hair breath and prevents the increase of bacteria
  • This towel is eco-friendly because it is made of bamboo and 100% cotton, which is produced organically
  • The towel is super absorbent and absorbs 50% more water as compared to other towels that are made of either cotton or microfibers
  • The towel has a firm grip, and it allows the user to multitask when they are wearing it, like applying makeup
  • It is for all hair types
  • The design is such that it covers all lengths
  • It contains anti-allergic properties
  • It comes with a hair tie, hair care guide book and waterproof bag
  • The cost of the towel is $17.99
  • The towel can be easily carried to a swimming pool or a spa, in the waterproof bag that comes with the hair towel.
  • Customers feel that the hair kit is a blessing because it has a lot of space for not just the towel, but other accessories as well

  • The towel is really absorbent and doesn’t pull off from the head

  • The hair guide that comes with the hair towel, is very helpful for customers, as it contains good advice about how to take good care of hair

  • Customers with thick curly hair were very satisfied with this product

  • This towel is better than a shower cap

  • The towel leaves space for the hair to be dried naturally and be curled or styled at the same time

  • Some customers feel that the hair towel is not very absorbent and takes a lot of time to dry

  • Those who tried to sleep wearing the hair towel felt that their hair was still wet when they woke up in the morning

  • The elastic that should be tied to the button is not very long, which makes it difficult to tie.

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3 Organic Bamboo Hair Towel

3 Organic Bamboo Hair Towel

There is so much talk about saving mother Earth, but there is little action to make it happen. However, there are companies like Laluztop, which take an initiative to protect the environment, by making everyday things environmentally friendly. Such is their innovative technology of bamboo hair towel

The bamboo hair towel is unique in its nature because it is made of pure bamboo. Bamboo is a natural product that is used in manufacturing multiple things, like desks and even hair towels.

The reason why bamboo is preferred over other materials is that it produces oxygen, and it is very environmentally friendly.

The manufacturers of this towel should get back to customers to address this query about, how they don’t think that the material is microfiber, and not bamboo.

It could be a misunderstanding on their part. Some customers found the towel smelly after two tries, but it could be because the washing instructions on the towel aren’t clear enough.


  • The towel is made of bamboo fiber and polyester
  • There is no substance present in the manufacturing of towel that can harm the hair
  • The price of the towel is $14.59, which is worth it, considering the many features of the towel
  • Bamboo towels can dry hair faster than towels, which are made of cotton
  • They are absorbent
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • Its unique design is one size fit all heads and ages
  • This is especially good for those who have curly, long hair
  • There are button straps stitched into the towel, preventing slipping and dripping
  • It is not only appropriate to take it to the swimming pool, but for the beach and traveling as well The towel is available in white and gray colors
  • It can be washed in a washing machine. However, the customer should not use fabric softener, bleach and must not send it to dry cleaning.
  • The twisting technology of the towel makes it lose and tight, which makes it easier to fit it on a child’s head. The number of times the towel is twisted, it changes its size

  • This is an anti-frizz towel

  • It dries hair really quickly because it is made of bamboo

  • It can be used for curly hair, as compared to other towels that don’t cover curly hair too well

  • This towel really stays in place and doesn’t move, regardless of what the person is doing

  • The towels are thick, which is why they absorb so much water

  • Even though they are thick, they don’t feel heavy, and that makes it easier to wear them

  • Some customers feel that these towels stop their hair from breaking

  • Customers who have received these towels, a few in numbers, feel that the material is not bamboo

  • Some customers also feel that it is a thick fiber towel, but can still be used because it performs well

There are not many drawbacks of using this towel, which shows how well it is doing for customers.

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DuraComfort Super Absorbent

DuraComfort Super Absorbent

There are not many towels out there that can claim to save damaging hair, and be super absorbent at the same time, but DuraComfort does.

The towel is super absorbent, but it is made specifically to prevent frizzy hair, which can be a huge problem for women. Moreover, people don’t like to plan their hair washed in advance; they might have a meeting and would want to wash their hair right away.

However, if they don’t have a super absorbent hair towel, then they would have to wait to dry the hair out completely before they can leave for the meeting.

The problem with this towel is that it is not easy to wrap around the hair, because it doesn’t come with a support system like a button or loop.

The designers of the towel should consider making this change because many customers have complained about this. Moreover, when the towel reaches customers, it is sometimes covered in blue stain and becomes useless for the customer.

During the packaging of the towel, it should be thoroughly checked.

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Importance Of Hair Towels

Hair towels are necessary for those who don’t want to ruin or damage their hair when they are drying it. Harsh towels can damage hair when they are used to dry hair after a shower.

There are many towels that claim to have the right material for hair, but once they are ordered, they don’t do much except damage hair.

Unlike the body, the hair needs to be dried properly, so that there is no unnecessary hair loss that the customer has to experience.


  • Super absorbent and cuts the hair drying time in half
  • Doesn’t leave much moisture on the hair
  • The material of the towel is microfiber
  • After drying, the hair would be ready for styling
  • The material of the towel is soft and gentle and can be used on all hair types
  • The towel can be used at home or by professionals in a salon environment
  • The towel is stretchy, because of its flexible seam
  • The material is of premium quality, which makes it durable
  • It is available at the price of $14.99, which many customers find very affordable.
  • This towel is super quick in drying hair

  • The towel is made of polymer fabric, which makes it super absorbent

  • Some people don’t want to use the hairdryer, because it damages their hair; they can use this towel instead

  • The towel can be easily washed

  • It can help get rid of frizzy hair

  • The towel is lightweight

  • The size of the towel is such that it doesn’t fit everyone’s head

  • This towel is not for those who have curly hair, as it is likely to cause more frizz

  • As the towel is lightweight, it doesn’t stay in one place for a long time

  • If someone has medium length hair, then the towel won’t cover the end of the hair

  • The absence of a loop system to hold a towel is what bothers most customers

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The problem that most customers face, is the button that is used for holding the towel in one place. Firstly, customers complain that the button is red in color, and that could be bad for the other clothes that are present in the washing machine.

The button is not properly attached to the towel, and it might come off easily. Moreover, the size of the towel, in terms of covering the head, is not mentioned and this could be bad for those who might feel that the towel is too large for them. If the towel is large for them, then such customers would find it difficult to dry their hair.

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