НЕГЕ SEO БИЗНЕС / САЙТЫ үшін маңызды 2017?

Why Is SEO Important?

The SEO most popular for the website needed the backlinks get for free how to get free backlinks. The SEO give to you very easy to use on the website, would do. Need Many improvements, like sitemap problem? will share with you about How to Fix Sitemap Problem? дегенмен, the meaning of SEO? SEO MeansSearch Engine Optimization, What is it? that’s simple to tell you Search Engine Optimization, This words are showing the simple but focus on his background Why we need it? Ешкім, following the best tool never to need the сайтқа, we should apply the information to use the knowledge without while meant to use to secret or Positive reviews to get for? You should see the below everything by my secret to successfully my wikiwon.com and able to share it.

Many Peoples get one problem in his website for what?

That’s very simple to want how to get Adsense by the website, will show the ads on our website, but that’s not simple method use. need secret tips or trick those give you quickly to use it, The Marketing placement need the SEO, without market aren’t go to top from Google, The Google is the Top Most popular browser, giving the ads by the market to get the best visitors or traffic, The Google want to get more website to submit in his browser to search WHAT IS SEO? then show the Million website are there, why show Million Website shows that on the result? because Thousand Peoples are using website with submitted in Google for free. The Google giving For free submit the website as you want to get the traffic from Google. Example show below listed


When you see the result, and you’re thinking to do this, we need it to this, what should you do then?

If you don’t have Google Gmail Already then follow that steps

  • Go To Gmail.com
  • Signup New Form you should get
  • Add the First Name, Тек,
  • Choose the Email according to your name and get the choices
  • Add the Date of birth by there
  • Are you Male? or Female?
  • Need Password,
  • We also want Phone Number there you are living country.
  • Put the Recovery Email
  • Go to Next Step
  • Other steps have shown below listed.

If you Have Already Gmail Account Follow this steps.

  • Go to Login before begin the website submit from Google.
  • Then Easy to add
  • Add the website link in his box
  • Go to Code Side area, Before taking the code and add from your Yoast SEO Google search
  • Go to save.
  • Click to verification also click the continue

You have got your website submitted

Is your website submitted from Google Search Engine Webmaster Tool???

Nope, I just said, your website link has submitted in Google Search engine, isn’t the posts or pages, HOW TO DO IT? дегенмен, you could create a new post from your website, when you have posted go to get the post link copy, and Google Webmaster Tool Give you the best chance to submit in his platform Click here You will go there and put your website link minimum to put like website name because your website link has got it. just add the post link to cutting before then begin.

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When you read above the link very important by this article following.


That’s are simple to do but somebody wants to share full explanations, you have got post submitted with website link submitted let’s begin the SITEMAP IN GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOL? Go to Yoast SEO setting + Feature Setting + See the page and understanding + ADVANCED SETTING ENABLE FOR IT. You have got sitemap new page on your website, Following the image and try to understanding, Click here? Get the sitemap add in webmaster tool. when you submitted the Sitemap step by step and also click the Refresh button has shown by there.


That’s Great Question for my Friend to give me the idea about it, But I have written the article in his topic just want to share the link you take the link also read it.



When the website needs best competitive keywords to rank your website in google search engine before you should get the high PBN Backlinks need those you need by WIKIWON when you don’t have any idea about it.

The website posts, pages, суреттер, has shown from Google, Now Needs Keywords by Focus the best traffic on Google or other search engines.

Let’s Begin to choose the Top Most popular Competitive Keywords those focus on your traffic or best ranking in google search engine then you just get the money every month.

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  • Pages with <10 PA and DA

  • Ezine Articles

  • Yahoo! Answers

  • Buzzle

  • Squidoo Lenses

  • Spammy press release sites

When you focus the keywords are shown in his image.You can take the Name WIKIWON show in google every posts or page,

When you trying the best tool those give you popular keywords as your website wanted, will rank to easy.

The Yoast SEO giving the chances to improve your website, or focus keyword important. they know but won’t HOW YOU CAN DO THIS??? Search some peoples name or websites like the image.

When your business going to best rank, see the search result in above image to show 10,800,000 there show the Million websites in Google so why google give you the chance to add the website.

How to Find the Keywords???

Go to some platform those give the search ranking liked Google Adwords, How to find focus keywords related the website,

Show the Domain Authority 48 copy the focus keywords, as the related, you would apply your website name or related your post those you have posted. The Social Media Sharing benefit you can’t be thinking about sharing, you just put the sharing button on your website see my WIKIWON has shown already button because I should be taken already because peoples sharing from his friends from social Media.

The Secret Idea:

When you get the focus keyword you should improve your post, HOW? take the best title those tittle searching per day thousand then your website get the best traffic by this way Follow the image 10 Health Benefits, Done Peoples are searching HEALTH BENEFITS Then show your website in Google First Page, your post has showing 10 Health Benefits of Kale people be thinking let’s check this and get the 10 best tips those I needs.

How to Choose the Bes WordPress Hosting, the image shows the Page Authority 79 that’s top popular website because the website has gotten the best page Authority, HOW THIS WEBSITE GET IT? because this website sharing the knowledge about WordPress and Million peoples coming likely with commenting so what are you thinking,




Don’t for get it.


When you completed the On-page SEO Guide, you can be starting the post don’t forget the Heading in your post.

If your post has heading going to rank quick but before you take the PBN links like backlinks those very important.

Share Platform to choose the Areas they’re related yourbusinessess/website,

When you getting the Competetive focus keywords to related below image.

The result giving the idea how to best keywords choose for easy.

When your website show the PA population,



Here the list shows step by step you can choose by yourself.

  1. Open Site Explorer

    To use this tool for keyword ideas, enter the competitor’s URL and go to the Anchor Text Distribution tab. Put your website link will see the result

  2. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

    The key is to go to the Columns and check Extracted From Web page. Then you will find that if you entered domain.com,

  3. Alexa

    Try to use this and what the result by your website to show in his tool.

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