Olee otú iji nọgide na-Town Clean Building mmekọrịta:

How to keep our town.

We are Muslims we should follow the teaching of Islam.

Islam gives us the sense of purity cleanliness.We should therefore be clean in action and thought.

Our holy prophet (peace be upon him) loved cleanliness, we should feel proud of following his footsteps.

na Advanced countries even today people dust their houses and its surroundings themselves.In the evening the sprinkle water on the roads in front their houses.

These things may be a cause of an epidemic and disease in the town we should not spit on the floor it also cause disease.If you fine heap of dirty laying in the streets you should report to the municipality to send its staff for its removal feels its responsibility then pollution can be checked and controlled easily.

Olileanya na ị na-dị ka isiokwu a, ma ọ bụrụ na i mere otú ahụ jide n'aka na ị na-enye ya a ịmeela na ezi comment ala n'okpuru.

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