Election Day Democracy In Action

Bright balloons bob above a sea of rainbow-colored signs as loudspeakers blare music and announcements and people in hats and shirts emblazoned with slogans hand out fliers stickers and buttons. Election day in the United States often arrives dressed as a carnival,ready to attract attention and excite voter interest.

The day begins early on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in villages,towns and cites across the United States as thousands of volunteers rise before dawn to lend a hand during eager to pickup the flyers,pamphlets and signs they will distribute at polling places in the hope of still influencing voters decision,

Others will go directly to the school cafeterias gymnasiums and community centers that serve as polling places to assist in checking voter rolls,seeing up voting machines and ensuring the elections are conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations,

For these dedicated volunteers, Election Day is the culmination of months of hard work a day when volunteers of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the excitement and occasional chaos of democracy in action.

Volunteers Essential to Political Campaigns

A campaign worker’s involvement might have started with a newspaper articles a call for help from a community group or labor union, of a chance meeting with a prospective candidate. It might have been an issue about which he or she felt passionately that prompted a voter to give a candidate more than just a vote on Election Day.

Whatever their initial reason for getting involved these workers most of them unpaid, lend their time and expertise to inform educate and encourage their fellow voters to support specific candidates, political parties or issue.

The involvement is essential to the U/S election process.Most political organization in the United States rely heavily on volunteers to mount effective campaigns and both parties actively recruit volunteers on national,state and local levels. Campaigns workers perform a variety of tasks.

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