Top 5 Home Remedies For Geographic Tongue


Obviously, geographic tongue is not really an injurious problem to people;Home remedies for geographic tongue however, you will feel like being out of your depth sometimes when you communicate with others. To strike out this annoying problem, let’s read the article concerning home remedies for geographic tongue and see potential solutions that we have got.

Top 5 Home Remedies Have Show

  • Water
  • Mint
  • Apple Ciper vinegar
  • Aloe Vera
  • Oil Pulling

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  • Water

    Water is always one of the best remedies for any diseases; hence, it is easy to understand that this pure liquid definitely wins the trophy with respect to oral problems like geographic tongue. Implementing water is indispensable for the purpose of producing more amount of saliva and prevent dehydration occurring; do not get into the habit of absorbing addictive drinks like coffee or alcohol unless you want your weird things to last long. Just peg away at drinking pure liquid or sugar-free fruit juice.

  • Mint

    This herb does a vastly great job at bringing you a breath of fresh air into your mouth as well as slaying bad bacteria included in your mouth due to its ability of putting an end to active against bacteria. Should you have intention to buy inexpensive mint for cooking, keep in mind that it is also a lot more bang for your buck for mint is a good home remedy for geographic tongue. Mint meets the need of every kind of people with many products derived from mint such as mint beverages for the one who can not consume fresh mint and non sugary candies for the one who fall in love with eating as well. You can consider one of these products to get rid of the annoyance caused by geographic tongue soon.

  • Apple cider vinegar

    Another assistant that needs mentioning is apple cider vinegar. By keeping the balance of acid and alkali inside your mouth, apple vinegar assumes responsibility for get geographic tongue gone away from you without causing any discomfort. You can mix it with baking soda or honey together with warm water to clean your mouth or drink, and then reapply this remedy for 2-3 times a day. Although it can be bought from markets or supermarkets, it is undeniable that some manufactures use ingredients which are not well qualified to create apple cider vinegar since they just think about what makes their profit, therefore, if you are not really up to the ears, we advise you to do it by yourself.

  • Aloe vera

    Arguably, using aloe vera in daily life is never behind the times for its ability of beautifying and curing some diseases like geographic tongue is well-known. It will absolutely comes up to our expectation for its good substances which helps improving the healing process and stopping inflammation from taking place. There are 2 popular ways to make use of aloe vera, you can apply its gel on your tongue or ingest aloe juice. Nevertheless, since every man has his mistakes, aloe also has its pros and cons, the cons just happens to people who are allergic to the property inside aloe. Before applying this, you had better consider carefully.

  • Oil pulling

    In comparison with the all home remedies for geographic tongue above, oil pulling is the less common method, but it may surprise you most. It puts the way for detoxifying the toxin which is not only inside your mouth but also inside your body so that a person using oil pulling for fighting against this problems is a far cry from the one who does not apply this. After having oil pulling chilled in the refrigerator, you put it on your mouth and let it melt for about 15 minutes, and then, you spit it and wash your teeth with pretty warm water. This activity may make some inconveniences but its effectiveness will not let you down.

Hopefully these home remedies for geographic tongue will help you a lot in the view of getting out of the trouble. Drop a comment if you have any other effective method to treat this problem!


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