How To Remove Your Buttcrack Hair Effectively

Buttock and involved organs are called anus which plays a very important role in health. The area around the anus includes anal holes, strips of skin between the anus and genitals. With the main task of eliminating the tailings out of the body, the anus is considered as a part to protect, if it has too much hair, you need to clean and dry it to avoid infection. However, buttcrack hair removal will not be as simple as hand and foot that need to be handled carefully.

How to shave your buttcrack hair

To shave buttcrack, you might need the following tools:

  • Shaving Blade
  • A mirror
  • Clean bright towel ( white preferably )
  • Alcohol to sterilize the new blade or razor
  • Shaving gel or cream
  • Antiseptic
  • Cream or gel to use after shaving

Firstly, let’s soak your buttock in a hot shower or a warm bath to allow hair pores on the butt skin to open up. You need to make sure the razor is sharp and well sterilized to avoid any infections.

Here The Best Steps:

Step 1: Apply a nice gel or shaving cream on your buttcrack to make a good environment for shaving and avoids any difficulties in process of buttcrack hair removal.

Step 2:

  • Sit down and fold your legs in a visible position, or squat in a mirror to improve your ability to see the buttcrack area.
  • Gently grab and hold the buttock to easily access and reach the buttcrack and to avoid folded skin.
  • Lightly move the sterilized and sharp razor on the skin, it is sure that you shave in the direction that the hair is growing.
  • Wash the razor blade with cold water after each shaving.
  • Repeat above steps until your buttcrack hair is removed completely.

Step 3: Clean the shaved area with cold water and make it dry with a clean bright towel. You should not rub the towel on the newly shaved butt surface.


Step 4: Check the towel carefully for any blood stains. This helps you to see any cuts on your butt skin and treat as possible. A styptic pen will help you to stop bleeding. If all is well, apply an after shave cream or moisturizing ointment to close up the pores.

In additions to shaving, you can apply other methods to remove buttcrack hair such as waxing. With waxing, the results of hair removal usually last 3 to 6 weeks.

Before waxing buttcrack hair you need to prepare:

  • Warm water
  • Soap
  • Hand mirror
  • Scissor
  • Waxing kits
  • Cotton ball
  • Baby oil
  • Waxing gel
  • Aloe vera

The process of waxing buttcrack hair:

  1. Use warm water and mild soap to clean the area around your anus. Almost of bacteria develop in this area causing the infection from died skin.
  2. Sit down and fold your legs in a visible position, or squat in a mirror to see clearly the buttcrack area. It is important to look the whole area to apply wax gel correctly.
  3. Cut hair around your anal to about 0.5cm long by scissor if they are longer than 1cm. This will help hair be removed easier and can reduce difficulty during hair removal.
  4. Stretch the skin on one side of your anus by your left hand, and then use your right hand to spread the non-heat wax on this area.
  5. Compress the anti-wax cloth band and put your hands on this cloth band safety until it clings to your hair and skin. If this cloth band has not been consisted of in your kit for waxing, you can buy it at most drug stores and beauty shops.
  6. Keep the cloth band and speedily hold it up the other end. Keep the cloth band as near your body as possible during the process. Pull the band out of your body, if you pull it from a right angle, you will feel more painful and have a risk of inflammation.
  7. Do this on the rest side of the buttock and on another hair area. Do not use on the similar area two times in a day. Get any leftover wax out. Soak a cotton in the baby oil then wipe it over your skin, which will remove the remaining wax fluently.
  8. Use a waxing gel to your skin to make it soft, and avoid ingrown hairs. Otherwise, aloe vera gel has also a good effect for making the skin smooth and preventing infection by razors.

Notes for hair removal at home…

Before removing:

  • You should check condition of the hair on the skin, too long or too short hairs will be difficult to remove. You should wait for the hair to reach the ideal length of 6-10mm.
  • You have to make sure your skin is healthy, not sick, not scratched to remove.
  • Care cleaning the skin so that the hair removal pad is in the best contact with hair and skin, as well as to allow the nutrients from the natural material to easily penetrate the hair follicles.
  • After cleaning and drying the area thoroughly, you should apply a little talcum powder to create the more favorable condition for hair removal.

During the process of hair removal:

  • Should choose the appropriate hair removal for each area.
  • Do not remove too much hair at the same time for the same area of skin as it can cause pain and hurt for the skin. It is best to just do it twice to a skin area.
  • Do not remove hair on skin areas with moles, acne or injured skin.

After hair removal:

  • After removing the but crack hair, you should apply a moisturizer to protect the skin better
  • Exfoliate died skin after hair removal to prevent ingrown hairs. Besides, it is possible to use anti-hair growth products.
  • Do not bathe with hot water and do strength exercises as soon as hair removal, which is easy to cause clogged hair foots and infections.
  • Should not affect the new hair removal within 24 hours.


Why and How To Shave Your Buttcrack Hair Effectively


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