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The coup is a popular disease which is commonly found in children and even infants. When it comes to croup, the patients will have some typical symptoms such as cold, barking cough, hoarse voice, and fever accompanied by labored and noisy breathing.

If patients are young children aged from 0 to 3, they can’t deal with a big cough and need to be cared by handy mothers.

Besides, the condition can be seen in pregnant women because croup viruses can transfer to them. They get more severe symptoms of the disease than women who are non-pregnant. However, the virus doesn’t affect the fetus.

Croup can be efficiently cured at home by one of 8 home remedies for the disease you can apply.

  • Warm steam

    Warm steam is an effective solution to get rid of croup. Warm steam from hot water can ease some symptoms of croup and relieve the disease. You need prepare hot water and pour on the floor of bathroom. Then, let your child be there for about 30 minutes or more.

  • Cold air

    Another successful treatment on how to get rid of croup is cold air. Breathing fresh air outside can aid to reduce cough – a typical symptom of croup.
    When your child catches a croup, let him/her stay outside for several minutes to inhale cold air.
    Note: Assure your baby kept warm by cloths or blankets.

  • Ginger

    Ginger is also an efficient croup home remedy which must be listed. The plant has ability to remove the symptoms of croup and decrease the congestion.

How to Use It.

The simplest usage is consuming tea which is made from ginger and holy basil. You only drink the tea every day to prevent against croup.

  • Honey:

    Honey possesses antibiotic properties which can aid to ease the infection, then the symptoms of croup will be relieved.

How to Use

  • Add a teaspoonful of honey into a cup of hot tea of warm water to form a mixture.
  • Consume the mixture daily to fight against the disease.

Another alternative you can apply is to drink tea made from a combination of 1 teaspoonful of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of honey.


  1. Turmeric

    Similar to ginger, turmeric isn’t only a common spicy of many dishes, it’s also a successful treatment on how to get rid of croup. Volatile oils ingredient from turmeric has function of preventing against sore throat and aggravation of scratchy. To get the best result, you should

How to Use:

  • Prepare a cup of hot milk and add 3 teaspoons of turmeric powder into it to form a paste.
  • Consume the paste daily to get rid of croup quickly.

Detox Bath

Detox bath is an effective treatment on how to get rid of croup by healthy benefits of the method. Detox bath doesn’t only help to clear your body and relax your mind, but it also has ability to provide extra support to each system of the body.

You can apply sea salt detox, ginger detox bath or other types of detox bath such as: apple vinegar detox bath, essential detox bath, homemade milk bath, etc. They are easy to make at home and bring lot of useful impacts for your health.

  • Oil massage

    Using essential oil to massage can aid to ease the symptoms of croup. Essential oil massage will reduce tight muscles and relax to help children suffering from the disease breath more easily.

How to Use:

Here few must steps follow and don’t forget it.

  • Prepare ½ cup of warm and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Add 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil into the cup and mix them together.
  • Use the mixture to massage on the chest area gently before sleeping in the evening.
  • Repeat daily until croup is disappeared totally

Rest Most Important

Sleep is very important for health. When you sleep, your body will heal and repair itself after a day with many different activities. Therefore, if you get croup, sleep as well as rest with an elevated position is an efficient but easy solution to deal with the disease.

Those are 8 best home remedies for croup you should know. If get this disease, don’t worry and choose one of the treatments to get rid of croup quickly.

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