HTC הנהג להוריד USB-bit 32/64-bit עבור Windows 7,8,8.1, AND 10

Different mobile phones have their unique USB drivers they are compatible with. Without these USB drivers you can’t connect your mobile with your P.C that is why it is expedient to install USB drivers for mobile device in PC if you want to create a connection.

In this particular article, I will show you a very easy and straightforward way to share HTC USB driver for windows users regardless if thry are on 32-bit, 64-bit windows.


  1. When downloaded, double-click the .exe file
  2. Setup will start installing the driver for your HTC devices
  3. Enjoy synchronizing your data with P.C.
  4. HTCDriver_4.2.0.001.exe file

This is just how to install HTC USB driver in P.C.

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