DÈ THA teachdair? DÈ CHO luchdachadh a-nuas airson PC?

DÈ THA teachdair?

Today I will tell you about the messenger. It’s a very famous smartphone app whole in the world. This app is connected with your Facebook account to your smartphone. You will see your friends message which is come in the Facebook account you can easily use it and chat with your friends. In this app, you also have a video chat with your friends and also you can make a group where your friends are that in every time. You can send a pics and videos to your friends. This app is also tell you that how much peoples are online at this time and you can also add anything in your day and then which thing you add whole of your messenger account friends see that what you are and in your day and they can also send a comment or emoji or a pics to your day.

In this, you have the facility of group call which persons you added in the group that those talk with you if they are online. In this app, you are playing a game and have a competition with your friends. You can capture photos and videos with fun arts and effects. You also connect it with your business and what a matter you know.

DÈ CHO luchdachadh a-nuas airson PC?

  • Before you need it?
  • Click the download button.
  • The download button gives you the direct downloading by your PC
  • Follow the article
  • How to use it?

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