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Temple Run 2 is a running and powerful video game, designed and programmed by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova and published by Imangi Studios.

“It’s time to run for your life with Temple” The feature of the Temple Run 2 are same as their predecessor, but the game is totally different in his way having new obstacles, such as “ ZIP LINES, WATERFALL, MAIN TRACKS, JET OF FIRE, and SHARP TURNS”. The game also features new power-ups, and players now have the ability to save the protagonist from death by using green gems that are collected while running or purchased online.


In the beginning of this game, there were just four characters for play but it has been increased by 27,

  1. Guy Dangerous, (shield power-up)
  2. Bunny Guy, (only available for purchase at Easter)
  3. Scarlett Fox, (boost power-up)
  4. Barry Bones, (coin bonus power-up)
  5. Karma Lee, (score power up)
  6. Francisco,
  7. Maria,
  8. Zack Wonder,
  9. Montana Smith,
  10. Usain Bolt, (“Bolt” power-up; combined magnet and boost)
  11. Santa Claus, Only available for purchase at Christmas
  12. Claus, Only available for purchase at Christmas
  13. Bruce Lee, limited availability
  14. Russell Wilson, limited availability (Seattle Seahawks),
  15. Colin Kaepernick,  limited availability (San Francisco 49ers),
  16. Calvin Johnson, limited availability (Detroit Lions),
  17. Tom Brady,  limited availability (New England Patriots),
  18. Peyton Manning,  limited availability (Denver Broncos),
  19. Cam Newton, limited availability (Carolina Panthers),
  20. DeMarco Murray, limited availability (Dallas Cowboys)
  21. LeSean McCoy  limited availability (Buffalo Bills),
  22. Freya Coldheart, queen of the fictional land of Kaldor,
  23. Sigur Frostbeard, a Viking-like warrior
  24. Cleopatra,
  25. Imhotep,
  26. Wolfman ,
  27. Sir Montague,



Some Information

This Game providing the basic and enjoyment life some few minutes are going and get the more enjoyments to like the game If the game is showing loading its mistake your mobile no a mistake at the game your mobile data are can’t working for many each time. If you want to install the game and get the more coins and etc, and if your mind is thinking about this, how to uninstall this game at my mobile. First clicking on the game icon are showing in your mobile and also moving for other place and see the above side are showing the Uninstall button, now go to moving at mobile to your uninstall button is showing and send now. Anybody ask how to get the new version at a game on your mobile Android App.

We Need

  • We Need Google Play Store email ID.
  • Go to the Google play store and see the game.
  • Before reading the requirements
  • Before seeing the reviews
  • Go to install
  • If you don’t like the game go to uninstall are an option had.

If the money need in this, Are you playing the game never forget to share, if you can share with your friends to come to the game side, and sharing with you, then that share is the common think,

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Temple Run 2 was by Imangi on January 16, 2013, with the game being released in the App Store in New Zealand immediately, and an international release coming a few hours later.  The Android version was released on January 24, 2013. The Windows Phone 8 Version was released on December 20, 2013, with the inclusion of Xbox Live achievements. A version for Tizen was released on October 13, 2016 within four days of its iOS release, the game had reached twenty million downloads, six million of which were within the first twenty-four hours.

Temple Run 2 promises beautiful new graphics, more vibrant environs, new hurdles, more power-ups, and achievements. The basic gameplay stays true to the original game, which means you still are the thief behind the stolen cursed idol and continue running. But this time round, there’s one huge weird-faced monkey chasing you down the temple cliffs and ruins instead of three as seen in the original game.

The sequel has also introduced rope swinging and mine trailer riding sequences reminiscent of a game called Pitfall! Nevertheless, the game is even more exciting and colorful than before.

Really fun and visually stunning, but $60 for a new map??? 500 gems roughly translates to $60 and honestly, I am not willing to spend that much money on a mobile game. I know you spend a lot of effort in making the maps look beautiful but no one will be able to see them as 500 gems is an impossible task without paying. I think you should either make it easier to find gems in-game or just lower the unlock price. Other than that it’s a good game
Holy Moly what an update! So amazing, everything from the beautiful butterflies surprising you at a turn to the breathtaking underground temple area with the thousands of candles. Absolutely stunning. My only regret is not having a “slo-mo” mode you can use just to take it all in! ???? This has always been my favorite mobile game with so much to offer. Now they somehow made it even better! Kudos to you and much love
It’s a fabulous game for everyone. The Very good image I am impressed by this new map lost jungle. Everyone should play this game and rate it. But I have a complaint that the 2 players Bruce Lee and Usain bolt are of’s. 65. So I please request you to convert them into some coins in place of money.

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