Real Bus Mechanic Workshop 3D for Android


Workers can get a license to work in the workshop. And can make automatic repair services of large buses for public transport. The bus should be the license for repairing the buses. You will get time in this game if you want to get the money. So you have to do the whole thing within that time. If a bus engine is damaged then you will have to reap this engine in 3 minutes. If a bus welding is done, then you will have to tire a bus. There will be some problem with each bus you have to complete as soon as possible. If you do not see any problem inside the bus, how will you add this issue to the person?

The more you work in this game, the more you will be benefited. You can also tour buses and how to correctly deliver Masley in this game. You will get everything in this game. Such as oils, hammer, sacks, pouches, print colors, and many things. You just work in this game.

Real Bus Mechanic

Big coach and elevated buses can come to car garage for maintenance for auto repair. Try repairing can vehicles in backyard car workshop in real bus mechanic simulator game, If the driver gave some works for his bus. so, the bus driver gives a command in your works.

Do the Welding Work?

You must be welding the bus and then if you will repair the buses. Whatever that this bus has not granted of repair. you again the repair others buses for repair. Made it depend on you. It’s a chance to prove your ultimate experience of welding and tuning 8 wheelers American buses. We give you anythings chances. You should repair the American Buses with carefully yes, therefore this job is just for that peoples when it’s work for understand you cannot do anything in this game without understanding. This game shows the buses are powerful for us in this game and but, you should welding of the buses just in the garages.

Do paint job?

If will come the customer for the paint our bus so, you will do paint the color his buses and the customer gives the money. the customer can give you tip for painting our bus. spray color for painting buses body.



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