Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Android Game APK

What is this world coming to?! It’s a Pokémon game all about the weakest Pokémon ever—Magikarp! Anyone can play this simple game in their spare time to create the most majestic Magikarp ever in this official Pokémon app!

What kind of Pokémon is Magikarp?

・ It can’t learn any powerful moves—all it does is flop around and splash!

Many surprising events lie in store for this pathetic Pokémon.What kind of game is this?
● Simple controls let anyone easily raise many generations of Magikarp
Tap the food that appears on the screen to feed your Magikarp, or have it complete training to increase its Jump Power! It’s easy to do, and with each generation you raise, the next generation grows even faster!

● Discover all kinds of Magikarp to show your friends
In this app, you can fish up all kinds of Magikarp with unusual patterns like calico and polka dots!

● Pokémon like Pikachu and Piplup are here to help
A number of popular Pokémon can appear to help your Magikarp grow. Keep playing to find out which Pokémon you’ll befriend!

● Spruce up your pond with Decorations!
Spruce up the pond where you raise your Magikarp.

・ Terms of Use

・ Saved data
Your play data for this game will only be saved on your local device. Only by using the backup function within the application can you create a backup of your saved data at that moment to be stored on the server. We recommend that players back up their data often.

・ Device settings
You may not be able to launch this application, depending on your device’s settings and/or how it is used.

Android OS 4.1 or higher is required for this application. Available features may depend on your device’s OS version.

・ For inquiries
Please visit support.pokemon.com to report issues about Pokémon: Magikarp Jump.

You may be unable to play this game depending on your device and OS version.



  • Pokémon: Magikarp Jump


This game is cute and addictive. It’s super easy to play, but it eats up time like you wouldn’t believe. And not in a consecutive way (though it can do that too) no, you just keep going back to it. I know every time I open the app I’m excited to see how much food is waiting my newest generation magikarp.

Ok so after playing for a week here are my thoughts. The game has a simple relaxing quality to it. I don’t have to think while playing it and the payoff of getting more friend pokemon keeps me playing. One thing I do not like is Charizard. His cooldown is too long for what he gives most of the time. The soda bottles from charizard sgould be x3, lp potuons should be removed and skill leaves should be at a higher rate. As of this moment Charizard isn’t worth the purchase. Other than that this is a great app

It is super fun and addictive. It is really easy to get coins and diamonds so you don’t have to pay. This game is totally free, no need at all to pay the game. The only bad thing is I wish you could do more in the game. That would make it more fun and interesting. All you can do in this is feed, click train button, and battle without controlling the magikarp. I hope they add an update for this. But overall really good game, even though the concept is super stupid, it is super fun.
This game is really good! I heard from someone that if you write a long review, it will end up being ranked as helpful by google. I wanted to test if this is true by writing quite a long review with more words than I ever would have thought of writing. Wow this is really a waste of time. I don’t know what I will get by doing this. Maybe i’ll add some words like “cute graphics” and “smooth animations”. Maybe that will help. But seriously, this game is cool. You don’t need to spend money, and you can play it at your own pace. That’s all. Thanks for reading. Or not. LOL

game is fun and easy to play. only complaint is it drains the battery pretty fast, but all app games drain the battery. the controls are easy to use and the game is totally playable without paying money. i’ve only been playing for 3 days and already (even with the 1 hour time limits) i’m very far ahead! good time consumer. if you’re looking for something with strategy or more difficulty, this game is not for you.
I LOVE it. You can play this game without paying a single cent! It’s a bit obviously repetitive but that’s the point. The only thing is why do you need internet connection to name your Magikarp? And it would be cool if chikatoria totodile and cyndaquil could be added too aswell as tepig snivy and oshawott and other starters if there are any. Thank you for this amazing game!
Let’s just say this game has hidden depths. If you ever manage to master its complexity, you might find yourself inspired to accomplish other human milestones, such as cooking macaroni and cheese out of the box, tying your shoes, buying a snack at the store, or even leaving a review for an app! It’s a great game, and I Iove it for exactly what it is. And exactly what is that, you ask? No one else can convey the experience of playing this game to you through mere words. There’s really only one way to find out… Karpe diem!
This is a pretty cool time clicker type game. It can be relaxing at times too. The dialogue is entertaining and adorable. Tame and simple enough for little kids to enjoy with no in app purchases needed. The full game is free to play and not “freemium”. Adults who grew up with Pokemon will get a kick out of it, especially during lunch breaks 🙂

This game has a very cute design, aswell as a simple but fun flow. It’s the kind of game you don’t need to put much thought or effort into, just pick up and tap. The collectathon aspect of it (different patterned Magikarps, events, etc) are tracked, which gives the game a secondary goal besides just beating the league too, which is always a plus. The option to pay real money is there, but it’s very miniscule and I have yet to feel that doing so would get me further progress, as the game rewards a steady flow of coins and diamonds.
The graphics are REALLY cute, I also love how you took such a Pokémon like Magikarp, the so-called “Useless” Pokémon and made an awesome game about it. To be honest, I kinda do like Magikarp, mainly cause it’s cute and floppy. When I was little I always thought of Magikarp as worthless but it isn’t…..cause it learns the move “Tackle” at level 15! (In original Pokémon games) I Love It!!! GREAT JOB POKÉMON COMPANY, CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE LIKE THESE!!!

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