Medieval War Fighting Fantasy

Description: Medieval war fighting fantasy: Battle scars!

Medieval war fighting fantasy: Battle scars – step on the arena and fight against medieval warriors. Apply incredible combat maneuvers to win. Try yourself as a warrior of the past centuries in this fascinating Android game. Choose among various characters, such as knights, barbarians, ninjas and many others. Each hero has a unique battle style and outfit. Test swords, axes, katanas, shields and other cold weapons in the battles. Apply destructive combos which will let you crush any opponent and win a duel.

Game Features:

  • Real lethal weapon sounds and battle cry of every fight master.
  • Cool combination of great fighting physics with bright graphics.
  • Various battle nations in fight list: barbarian, knight, Shaolin monk, ninja.
  • Lots of lethal weapon types related to medieval war: naginata, wakizashi, axe, cudgel, polearm, warrior blade, etc.
  • Unstoppable fighting combo for every fighting master: barbarian, Shaolin monk, knight and ninja.

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