How to install Menyoo Single-Player trainer mod?

How to install Menyoo Single-Player trainer mod?


Menyoo is a GUI game GUI training game. You can easily switch between trainers. Menyoo mod gives you the feature to launch new ideas in this game. Menyoo Pc One Player Coach Mod Gta5 Mods Com.


Before adding the latest Myoo mode to Grand Theft Auto V, share some of the Menyoo Mod modes. This service permits use in GTA’s separate private player modes as a creative tool. The clients need to use it to change the state of the allotted online world they need to pay for.

install Menyoo Single-Player trainer mod

install Menyoo Single-Player trainer mod

install Menyoo Single-Player trainer mod

install Menyoo Single-Player trainer mod


How to install Myoo Mod in GTA 5

  • Install the needed files in the download section.
  • Extract and open the ScriptHookV folder and go to the “bin” folder.
  • Copy the files from “bin” to GTA 5 Directory.
  • Download and copy ScriptHookVDotNet files to GTA 5 Directory.
  • Extract and open the Menyoo Mod folder.
  • Copy the “WormStuff” folder and the Worms. As both in the GTA 5 Directory.


Menyoo PC [Modern-Player Trainer Mod] v1.0.1 for GTA 5. Before the great coach of the game, which will be very useful for all players. The player who likes good fun in the game is the best.

In addition to the usual tasks, with the help of this trainer. You can download additional scripts and mods designed for this mod. It also has lovely built-in features like a meteor shower or destruction of the city. You will not bore because of this.

  • Press F8 while in the game to unlock.
  • If you select a controller as your input option settings, you can use the controller to run the menu. Alternatively, use arrow keys or num keys.


  • Alexander Blade’s ScriptHookV


  • Enter – Select
  • Backspace – Back
  • UpArrow – Up
  • LeftArrow – Left
  • RightArrow – Right
  • DownArrow – Down

Controller input:

  • DPAD Left – Left
  • A/X – Select
  • DPAD Up – Up
  • B/Circle – Back
  • DPAD Down – Down
  • DPAD Right – Right


Visual Studio 2017 requires:

  • I used v15.9.7


Copy the .asi output file and the menyooStuff folder to the Grand Theft Auto V game directory. It is ensuring the ASI loader and installs the ScriptHookV.


Binary aggregated items can obtain at the issuance.


Most of the source code licenses are under the GNU GPL v3 license. Source content taken from other projects marks with the appropriate license (s) wherever available.


To install Menus, you need two scripts and Menyoo mode. First, you need ScriptHookVDotNet, second, you need ScriptHookV, and third, you need Worm files. Download all the files with WinRAR, and copy all the files from folders directly to the GTA V game folder. It is a downloaded mod and prefers by many players.

The changes made by your mode in the open world look realistic. It gives you an amazing immersive experience to enjoy. Any internal menu can access and will available at a later time. Overall, advanced internal menus are reliable. Impulse, Disruption, and Luna seem to be very safe.


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