Ludo is the most popular board game that ever produced in the smartphones games history. It is very highly popular in Asia countries just like Pakistan, India, Sri lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and etc. One of the biggest appeal for this game that is made for all age group people and it’s really fun. You can play this game at any time you want. Recently a new Ludo Star 2017 android game released. Due to popularity of this game this app became very famous and got huge hit on Google Play Store.

Game size is just 14.8 MB and you need to login from facebook to be able invite your friends. You also can compete with other players in different variations. If you think that you can play this game on only android devices it is not. You can also play this game on PC using the method that we describe below.

Game features:

  1. Play with random player 2-4 matches
  2. Login to facebook to invite your friends play with you
  3. Play with your favorite rules
  4. Play different variations: Classic, Master or Quick
  5. Doubling of pieces, kill 1 before entering home etc and much more

You can download game from this link

So all you need to do to play it on your pc is just an android device emulator.

There will be links for android emulators


Big nox

Nox app player

So after you downloaded the game and any of this emulator you need to install any of this emulator on your pc, than you will be able to install apk file on your emulator. And after you complete all this setup stuff. Finally you can enjoy your game to playing it on pc.

If you have any questions or just think that we missed something, just let us know in comments below. Feel free to leave your opionion. Hope you really enjoy playing your game on Windows on Mac pc through android emulator.

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