Coach Bus Simulator is the first coach driving game that will teach you to drive a real coach across different scenarios! Take people from a city to another, show them amazing places and landscapes. Open world map, incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors will make you feel a realistic coach bus driving experience! It’s time to get on board and drive through Europe! Enter the simulation world of bus driving! Get Coach Bus Simulator now!

Key Features:

  • Open World Map
  • Detailed Coach buses
  • Complex vehicle customization (you can write anything on the side of the bus)
  • Help other coaches across the route
  • Manage your company, hire drivers
  • Animated people entering/exiting the bus
  • Weather conditions and day night cycle
  • Realistic visual damage
  • Steering Wheel, Buttons, Tilting and the awesome real mode with clutch from Driving School 2016
  • Play Multiplayer routes with your friends
The best bus simulation game I have ever played but there are 2 BUGS which I have pointed out …. 1.) WHILE CHOOSING ROUTE BERLIN TO PRAGA OR I THINK PRAGA TO BERLIN SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO UR NAVIGATION MAP. 2.) DURING NIGHT DRIVING IN THIS GAME THE STREET LIGHTS, THE BUS LIGHTS AND THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS DO NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY AT ALLLL. Please fix these minor bugs Otherwise it is a really good game.

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