Buy and Send Recharge to Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Ufone, Djuice or Zong with Xapo and Coinbase


Bitcoin was the best online payment system until the miner fees went sky high and people were forced to pay a high miner fee. Even higher then the amount of money they were processing in Bitcoins. Purchasing mobile balance online with bitcoins is hard because of the high miner fee charged. 100 Rupee balance almost cost 200 rupee when purchased with bitcoins! But now you can purchase mobile recharge with bitcoins without paying high fee!
To purchase mobile load for Jazz, warid, Ufone, Telenor, DJuice or Zong online with bitcoins all you need is a Coinbase or Xapo wallet which can be used online to store bitcoins for free! Coinbase and Xapo both works on PC as well as on smartphone! You can create free account from the links below:-

For Xapo wallet:- Website 

For Coinbase Wallet:- Website
To recharge your mobile simply visit the site below. Enter your mobile number and pay via Xapo or Coinbase wallet. The site also supports localbitcoins but there is a minimum of 0.001 btc which is a lot for Pakistani rupee so you can also try that out. There is no fee in this process and you get charge the amount of reload you wanna purchase. The site to recharge money via Xapo or coinbase is below:-

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