Facebook throws in more control on what information you share with third party

The Cambridge Analytical scandal has brought the world largest social networks on it's toes for some time. In reaction to the accusations thrown at facebook, Mark Zuckerberg steps out of the dark to take a side. Read what he said here. Facebook has come with an easier means of letting you control your personal information sharing. But that will come in the "next few weeks". According to Mark, all of the privacy and security setting will be shifted to an easy to access Privacy Shortcut. A Read more [...]

Razer phone is getting a competitorBlack Shark Phone

Looks like there is still room for more. Gaming companies have being interested in phones lately. Razer is one of them and in addition to the list, Black Shark. Black Shark is more like branch of Xiaomi phones, makers of the exquisite Xiaomi phones in the market. The Chinese brands looked toward gaming and phones and came up with Black Shark. The teaser image below tells nothing, but the CPU type is obvious enough - Snapdragon 845. Trying to decipher the specifications Black Shark, Read more [...]

TLS 1.3 – New Web security that will make cyber hacker cry

An update to the internet is designed to make users happy and make cyber diabolic humans cry. The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) has announced the latest version of the transport layer security - version 1.3 - TLS 1.3. The agency released a document which you may want to check out. It covers everything you need to know concerning TLS 1.3. In abridge, TLS 1.3 tightens the internet security by initiating earlier an encryption between a client and a server when a connection is made. Read more [...]

Buy and Send Recharge to Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Ufone, Djuice or Zong with Xapo and Coinbase

BUY RECHARGE WITH BITCOINS WITHOUT MINER FEES!Bitcoin was the best online payment system until the miner fees went sky high and people were forced to pay a high miner fee. Even higher then the amount of money they were processing in Bitcoins. Purchasing mobile balance online with bitcoins is hard because of the high miner fee charged. 100 Rupee balance almost cost 200 rupee when purchased with bitcoins! But now you can purchase mobile recharge with bitcoins without Read more [...]

3D printed cars are hitting the road in 2019 – LSEV

It's been easy for us to think of 3D printing as something of a gimmick while the process has still been in its embryonic stage, but when news emerges about a 3D-printed car that is genuinely set to take to the roads as soon as next year, it's probably time to sit up and take notice. And we're not just talking about a one-off prototype here either, as next year is when this world-first is actually set to go into production. The car is a Smart-sized model called the LSEV that's made almost Read more [...]

Pinakahuling pagbabago sa Instagram ay magbabago ang paraan ng paggamit mo sa feed ng balita

Based on user feedback, Instagram decides made a major change on how the news feed behaves. The picture based social network adds a "New Post" button that enables you manually refresh your news feed. This change came after Instagram users complained of auto-refreshing news feed which bumps users up to the top of the news feed. The manual refreshing brings a relief to the annoying way the news feed automatically take you to the new post even when you're not done with an old one. Another Read more [...]