Google knows as BackRub. Google was started in 1996.It’s a search engine that by as a research project at stand ford university on life on the internet. But later Larry and Sergey decided to change their engine name and replaced with Google. Which is a drive from the term of Google?

In the life of the Internet, there are many search engines which are used by people. But most people use Google for everything. Now Google is much powerful than the other sites, the Popularity of Google has much reason some are mentioned here.


Top 10 Reason why Google is the best Engine for searching.

  1. Friendly environment for SEO.

    Today everyone wants their success as short as can be, Google provides friendly relation to writers who continue the attempt to rank their site higher. SEO can optimize Google search engine as per rules, register their sitemaps and knock Google’s service, Google gives a great chance to SEO or typewriters to show their typing challenge…

  2. Good speed

    Google is most used internet search engine in Internet World and the reason behind is it’s Speed, he utilizes word structured advertising which some of the search engines does not do, by which we can save our time.

  3. Translate

    Translate is most powerful and an amazing tool on Google by which we can change Google Language in many Languages. And can understand the complete info in our own language which is very useful to Boost our mind.

  4. Good popularity

    Another great reason is good popularity. Google has gain highest popularity in this time. In 1998 it was 26 million websites, in 2000 that number grew to 1 billion sites and now Google is believed to have over a trillion sites indexed. Which is highest than other search engines.

  5. Accurate and Instant Results

    Accurate and Instant results are the main reasons that are the way Google is most popular and when you type Google offer many suggestions in the search engine. Google gives many suggestions than other sites.

  6. No Annoying Ads

    Google does not have any annoying ads. It makes the initial search load faster in future, that’s why Google is considered most one.

  7. Companies prefer Google

    Its silent an understood fact, every company is wanting to get the top ranking in Google. However, it is not easy as you know. Many of companies in Mumbai ensure your business is listed among the top five suggestions for high visibility.

  8. Gmail

    Gmail is a mail account supported by Google engine, it is very helpful for everyone many people send office’s files by Gmail like CV for a job or for others works. It has a variety of files format includes the very well know PDF extendable and Ms. Office file.

  9. VIDEO

    Advanced lookup features including trying to find videos as well as audio content together with PDF and PPt files. By which users can play video to need and entertain

  10. A Great Library

    On Google, books options are available which is very useful especially for students. It is like a library that has collections of Books. Many writers or people upload many Books here. Every love’s students and people who are fond of Books get these and read out from here.


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