Sony Bridge Setup for MAC iOS

Sony Bridge Setup For MAC iOS

Are you Sony Mobile user and do you want to make the connections between your Mobile and PC??? So here I take some special advice for you all, Sony is one the great mobile manufacturing, it always take care of their users and always came with great driver facilities and this time Sony came up with the great Bridge Setup for MAC OS, if you are MAC OS user and tired to bring your all content in your mobiles and really wants to send your data or files to your PC so you should definitely try this, Sony Bridge for Mac OS allows their user to get latest device updates and it is can be used as your phone backup.

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Here you just need to download the Latest Sony USB drivers by going to the download page of Sony Bridge, just click on the download button from the page of MAC OS, and just read below carefully the instructions to install the SONY BRIDGE SETUP FOR MAC OS.

Instructions for the Installation.

  1. Choose any folder of your choice and Download DMG image in your Mac OS
  2. After opening DMG image upload the Xperia™ Companion Icon to the folder.


So it is very interesting… but keep in mind the system you required for the Sony Bridge for MAC OS are below:

  • Internet Connection
  • iTunes 11.0
  • Apple product
  • More than 4 GB free space in hard disk
  • At least 1 GB RAM or Higher
  • Apple Mac OS version 10.6
  • Java Software update

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