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Home Page:

Top slider –Key Characters

An Award Winning Agency
The Pioneers of the Licensing Business in wikiwon.

About us: page.

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Portfolio: All characters- Introduction + Short success story

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A Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F.



The Cat with an Attitude is here.
Well known for his quirky humor, love for food and one liners.

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Archie Comics:

Why Coming this situation you may you do.


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Kitties In The Cities:


A full-fledged service team with holistic understanding of the Licensing program and expertise across all segments including Sales, Strategy, Product Development, Retail, Creative and Legal Services.

Product Licensing:

Dabur, ICICI, Ddecor, Bewakoof, Yellow Sparks, Statusquo, Titan, Toyzone, Awkenox,

Promotional Licensing
HP, Kelloggs, Perfetti, Mcvities, ITC

Event Licensing (Images and Video)

The Gadget World of Doraemon at DLF Place Saket

Support Services:

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Creative Services

Our Design Team proficiently provides Creation of style guides describing usage of trademarked entitles and design elements along with complete marketing communication.

Retail Partner Program

The Retail Partner program is formed to introduce licensee products to various retail platforms which have been unexplored including General trade, Specialty stores, Online stores and Non-traditional channels.

Legal services
Our Legal team expertise in licensing contracts and Handling infringement issues

Our Exports team acts as sourcing agent offering a wide range of products from various categories for buying houses in retail chains around the globe.


Leading In Brand Licensing

  1. Slider: Clients logo only
  2. Dabur
  3. Titan
  4. ITC
  5. ICICI
  6. Nestle
  7. Ddecor
  8. KinderJoy
  9. Kelloggs
  10. Yellow sparks
  11. GSK
  12. Perfetti
  13. Asian Paints

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About us
AI licensing India Pvt Ltd is a part of Animation International Limited (AIL), one of the most renowned and respected names in the Content Licensing & Syndication industry across Asia which has been active for the last 5 decades.

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