How does Varun pruthi make money to donate so generously?


Varun Pruthi is a social media star in (youtube) was born December 3, 1980, in Delhi, India.¬†Varun Pruthi is an Actor, dancer, and social media star¬†who became well known his social experiment videos on the YouTube¬†channel Actor Varun Pruthi¬†which has earned 1.3 million subscribers.¬†His video “Shocking Harassing Women Experiment In Public”¬†earned more than 199,555,049 views.

He has many videos Each video has a lesson that corrects the people of India. Each video has a lesson that corrects society’s people.


Today, we want to tell you about India what training is in people, how people live and how they live if they are Ok India is at the highest level in the whole world. A man who is trying his best to help his country, he is helping poor people, is going to teach people teaching that he is his country, to keep it right at all times, whether ours Why do not you go all day, once she made a video in which she told people that often we should help others whether the best thing.

He has worked really hard to reach where he is today He was his family’s emotional and mental support and his family gave him strength for whatever he wants to do I cannot leak out the details but there have been instances where life.


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