Bad And Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Beer brewing is not an easy task. Those who want to brew beer don’t turn flawless overnight. They make mistakes, and they learn from them, which improves their brewing process and outcome and Common Beer Brewing Mistakes.

Brewing starts at home, and when people become good at it, they start the same process on a large scale.

30 Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

It is best to know the common mistakes that people make, as compared to making them.

  1. Hygiene Rules

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

When brewing beer, hygiene is important. People need to make sure that they are following proper sanitization protocol.

The things which touch the brewing process, they should be clean. For boiling bacteria, everything should be washed properly.

If brewers actually ignore Common Beer Brewing Mistakes point, then their customers will feel a bad taste in the beer. They might even have to deal with an infection, and no brewing company wants that.

  1. Patience is important

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Yeast needs time to work its wonders, and it is an important ingredient for beer. However, at times, the brewers don’t have the patience for the yeast to set, and they take the beer out too soon.

If they don’t have patience, then they will surely have a bad tasting beer.

Moreover, if the yeast isn’t allowed to set properly, then yeast along with the carbonation, can pop the bottle tops. If someone wants to carbonate beer, then it has to be kept in the first for a long time.

  1. Shortcuts

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Brewing beer is a proper process, and every step of Common Beer Brewing Mistakesprocess must be followed. If a brewer takes shortcuts, then it is less likely that the taste of the beer would turn out good.

  1. Chill the Wort

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

The brewer has to continue the yeast and fermentation process, and need to chill the wort after it is boiled.

The temperature should be brought down to 65-75 degrees. However, if the temperature goes higher than 75, then things can go wrong.

When the brewer tries to read the temperature of the wort, he should properly sanitize the thermometer. If he doesn’t, then there are chances that the wort might get bacteria.

  1. Ingredients

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

It is important that the ingredients the brewer uses in brewing beer isn’t stale. The ingredients should not be expired, because it will make the beer taste really bad.

Brewers should buy fresh ingredients, which include hops, grains, and malts. The yeast used in the beer has to be refrigerated right away.

  1. Tools and Equipment

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Brewers should always do research about how beer can be brewed and the tools and equipment that are necessary for it. For example, if a brewer doesn’t understand the batch size, and uses a small kettle, then it could mean a disastrous recipe.

Brewing needs bottling wand, or else the end result would be a huge mess, in the shape of beer everywhere.

Brewers also need sanitizers, so that they don’t leave the equipment dirty or it could infect the batch.

  1. Leaving the Kettle

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

It is important to watch the kettle when the boiling process is going on. Brewers put wort for boiling, and if they don’t watch the kettle, then the wort will come out of the kettle.

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

can totally ruin the brewed beer.

There is no doubt that boiling wort takes a lot of time, and it can’t be easy to stand close to it. However, if the wort goes crazy for some reason, then someone has to be there to control it.

  1. Temperature Keeps on Fluctuating

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

When the brewer is waiting for the yeast to do wonders, he has to store his batch somewhere. The batch should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, like homebrewers might put it in their garage.

Putting the batch in the garage is a bad idea because the temperature there keeps changing. If the temperature is extremely hot or cold, then Common Beer Brewing Mistakes has an impact on the speed of yeast.

Yeast calendar

When a brewer is storing his batch, then he should make sure that he keeps a calendar. He should be able to stick to a pre-decided timeline, and must not lose patience.

  1. Don’t give in to Temptation

Brewers might get too excited, and would not give proper time to the brewing process. They might lose patience during the fermentation process or skip bottling conditions.

It is important to take the right measurements and wait for the right time to taste the batch.

  1. Water & Beer

Water & Beer

Beer needs water, and it should be clean water. It will not be a good idea to use tap water, because it has certain additives in it. These additives can easily mess up a batch of beer.

The beer quality and taste would be too poor, and it will be a bad batch for the brewer.

If the brewer can’t afford bottled water, then he can always boil water for Common Beer Brewing Mistakes


  1. Plastic Vessels

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Plastic vessels should be cleaned properly, or the brewers will see scratches on them. These scratches can lead to an increase in bacteria, and the future batches of beer will be ruined.

Fermentation and conditioning are done to kill bacteria, and not to increase them.

The proper way to clean plastic vessels is by using a soft washcloth. Plastic vessels should not be cleaned with abrasive brushes or hard brushes.

  1. Carbonation Process

Carbonation Process

It is very important for brewers to measure out everything so that they don’t cause over-carbonation.

Adding too much sugar in the beer would ruin its taste, and will waste the efforts the brewer has put in.

There is a beer priming calculator that brewers can use, to measure the accurate amount of sugar. It is best to use it, instead of seeing a wasted batch of beer.

  1. Beer Extract

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Brewers must have noticed that the malt extract sits at the bottom of the brewing kettle. When it is at the bottom, it starts burning, especially if the brewer is not paying any attention.

When the extract is added to the kettle, the brewer should make sure it is away from the heat. The extract has to be stirred constantly so that it can dissolve.

  1. Fermentation

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

A brewer has to be patient, particularly during the fermentation process. The rule here is to let the beer ferment for at least one week.

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The beer can be transferred from the primary vessel to the secondary vessel, for one or two weeks. If the beer is kept in the same vessel, then there are fewer chances of the beer becoming oxidized.

  1. Brewing Journal

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Not everyone writes notes, even when they should. Brewers should keep a journal, writing detailed notes about the brewing process.

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes includes how they came up with the beer recipe, everyday process, and gravity readings. Common Beer Brewing Mistakes way, if they make a mistake in one beer batch, then they can refer back to their notes to see what went wrong.

  1. Know the right recipe

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Before the beer brewing process starts, the brewer should know the right recipe. He should know about each and every measurement, the tools he would need and where he is going to store the beer.

The brewer should know what mistake people usually make when they are brewing beer. If they have seen a YouTube video of a person brewing beer, then that is not enough. They need more than that.

It is best if brewers look for courses or actual classes to learn about brewing. Particularly, if they want to take Common Beer Brewing Mistakesup as a career.

  1. Beginner’s Luck

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

If someone is a beginner at brewing beer, then they need to tackle a less complicated recipe. If they start off with a complicated recipe, then they won’t be able to follow the whole process until the end.

It isn’t necessary that every brewer has beginner’s luck, and would get their recipe right the first time. They need to spend some time learning the brewing process and focusing on the difficult aspects of it.

  1. Putting a Lid on Wort

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

When the wort is boiling, it releases sulfur compounds, which are present in the beer ingredients. The compounds will go back to the wort if the kettle is covered.

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes is why brewers should never cover the kettle when the wort is brewing. It can result in a boilover and ruin the whole batch.

  1. Covering the Wort

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

The wort should be, during the chilling process. It will cool down quickly if it is not covered.

However, Common Beer Brewing Mistakes will let the particles, bacteria and other foreign objects, enter the wort. The wort will become contaminated.

Brewers can always get wort chiller, to speed up the process of wort cooling.

  1. Airlock Fermentation

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

For the fermentation process, the brewer should never rely on airlock activity. If the brewer feels that the fermentation isn’t happening, then the brewer has to add more yeast.

The reason why most brewers rely on is that it causes bubbles, which point towards fermentation.

  1. Done and To-do List

If it is someone’s first time brewing beer, then they need to make a list of things they have to do. When they start the brewing process, they should check off things from the list, that they have done.

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes way, brewers can keep track of the things that are done or have to be completed. It won’t cause any confusion in the brewing process.

  1. Oxidizing Beer

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

When brewers are transferring and bottling beer, they have to be very careful, not to shake it too much.

Even though Common Beer Brewing Mistakesmight sound like a small thing, it is a big deal. If too much oxygen enters the beer, during the fermentation process, then it can’t be good for the beer.

  1. Drunk on the Job

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Brewing beer is a very careful job, which is why brewers can’t be drunk on the job. They might want to brew and drink along, but that will take their focus away from the main job.

Brewers should enjoy the fruit of their efforts, but they should draw a line between enjoying the beer and being responsible.

  1. Stopping the Trub

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

When the wort is chilling, there are proteins and additives, like spice and hops, which settle on the bottom of the kettle. Common Beer Brewing Mistakes is a good thing, as they should be kept at the bottom.

When brewers are transferring their chilled wort to the primary vessel, so that they can prepare for yeast pitch, they should do it slowly.

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes way, when they see the proteins and additives at the bottom of the trub, they can immediately stop pouring.

  1. Worrying Too Much

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

Even if the brewer dumps the additives at the bottom of the kettle, into the primary vessel, it doesn’t mean the beer has been ruined.

Brewing beer should be an enjoyable task and not something which gives brewers anxiety. There will be unwanted particles in the beer, but there is no doubt that these particles can be controlled.

Brewers can use a mesh strainer if they want to properly transfer the wort to the primary vessel.

  1. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Not the same

Cleaning and sanitizing are not the same things. Even if a brewer cleans, each and every equipment, with a piece of cloth, they still need to sanitize it.

Brewers should use sanitizers, with an acid-base, like StarSan. It will kill the microbes, found on the surface of the brewing equipment.

  1. Buying ingredients

When buying ingredients, brewers should make sure that they do so, from a trusted buyer. They should research the names in the industry, who sell good quality ingredients, and must reach a bargain price with them.

  1. Workplace

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

The workplace where beer is brewing should be properly cleaned. Brewers should make sure that they get a good workplace, which is spacious, and where people can work easily as well.

  1. Getting advice

Common Beer Brewing Mistakes

There is no shame in getting advice from other brewers if a brewer feels that there is something wrong with his beer batch.

A piece of simple advice can do wonders for a beer batch, and Common Beer Brewing Mistakes will give two brewers the chance to share tips with each other.

  1. Tasting

A brewer should taste his own products, but he should also get feedback from others too.

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