Awesome Places: Best Places to Trek in 2020

There are endless destinations to choose from on your next trek, from big cities, small towns, paradisiacal beaches, cold mountains. Some very popular, others little known or even never mentioned here are 20 Best Places to Trek in 2019.

But nevertheless, it depends on the personality of each of you, some prefer to travel to more emblematic places and others to less popular, but quieter places. On many occasions, you even prefer to repeat the same cities, where you leave things to do, or simply because of it amazing for you and you want to visit it again.

20 Best Places to Trek in 2019

Places to Trek in 2019

Making a match between different 20 best places to trek in 2019 where each of them is based on different sources such as customer reviews, bloggers, search statistics, ticket reservation requests, lodging and/or tour packages: to provide you with their respective trends of destinations to travel Best Places to Trek year 2019.

Routeburn Track, New Zealand

Routeburn Track, New Zealand

It is one of the best places in New Zealand, extends from the ocean, and is a land of plains and peaks. Located in the middle of the Island. Best Places to Trek environment is located in New Zealand, a protected environment that you can only enter if you hire an authorized tour.

It is the mysterious, exciting, and entertaining trek you wanted for your vacation in which you will have an encounter with nature.

It is a track where you can practice all kinds of activities and extreme sports, such as skiing, rafting, bungee jumping, cycling, windsurfing, whale watching, visiting vineyards and spectacular gardens, watching or participating in one of the best races in the world.

In addition to the capital, Christchurch, there are other interesting places to visit: Kaikoura, Akaroa, Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook, and Arthur’s Pass National Park.

It is one of the tourist attractions that are almost unknown abroad: it receives 10 million visitors every year. With free access, you can enjoy the views or explore the remains of Routeburn Track, and It also offers some of the best excursions.

Routeburn Track has opted for sustainable and ecological tourism, and it is the best trek in the world. Its natural charms have no end: from the incomparable beauty of Routeburn Track to the almost inaccessible Routeburn Track and its impenetrable mountains and hills. A country that is committed to quality tourism and respectful of the environment.

Overland Track, Australia

Overland Track, Australia

Australia is the fourth most populous city on the continent. Its surroundings are a true paradise for adventurous travelers and wanting to explore Overland Track. Its remote location has maintained the exclusivity of winter and surf along its coasts.

It has become one of the richest treks in the world. After a decade in development, it has new attractions such as Yagan Square, Raine Square, Optus Stadium, Tim Ho Wan Restaurant, considered the most economical restaurant in the world, 31 new hotels, opening 100 bars, and an incredible activation of nightlife.

The Overland Track has proved to be more than adequate to host all kinds of meetings at the highest level. It is very popular with respect to other cities, Australia has bet heavily on Best Places to Trek type of tourism, and you will have to travel to Best Places to Trek unique city.

It is a beautiful trek perfect for rustic adventure tourism. If you like hiking, then you should go to Overland Track during your vacation.

If you wonder what to do in Overland Track, you should know that in Best Places to Trek national environment, there are entertaining activities such as climbing the beautiful hill by jeep or on foot to have one of the most incredible views of the country.

The Narrows, USA

The Narrows, USA

The Narrows are the tourist attractions from north to the south make the country an excellent choice for travelers of all tastes. Snowy mountains make Best Places to Trek country a delight for the adventurous tourist. With the arrival of low-cost fares and new air routes, moving through the vast territory makes it more than convenient. Talking about its excellent cuisine is a separate issue.

The Narrows is a beautiful and very exciting environment, especially for children. It houses a huge number of very brightly river routes, hanging gardens, and natural springs.

It is an experience that will amaze you. If you are going to include it in your trip, make sure you have reserved tickets in advance so you can enjoy any of the tours, as the entrance to The Narrows is limited due to mass tourism to it.

Its location directly on the lake with beautiful views, make it the jewel of the USA. Its mild climate, the vineyards, the endless excursions of the region and the wheel steamers on the lake, characterize the city on the shores of Narrows.

Close to the great lakes of the USA is The Narrows. An exclusive oasis of peace where you find the best place in the world for a retreat: Each one, at the foot of The Narrows, has its own jetty, to navigate and forget everything. Inside it is possible to spot nature in its purest form.

The Haute Route, France-Switzerland

The Haute Route, France-Switzerland

There is independent tourism in these exclusive islands that go outside the luxurious resorts. There are more and more uninhabited routes or that have locally run pensions that are expensive at all that bring travelers closer to the Haute Route. Among the most popular islands of independent tourism, there are many more, and all of them contribute to the growth of Haute Route.

It is the most dynamic city, a mixture of town. It has several attractions for tourists, the famous markets, nights to the rhythm and lively beaches.

The main attraction of the Haute Route is the bottoms with a passing hopping and high Hoff factor. If what you want is to rest, there are many trees to shade you and be able to rest while listening to the airwaves. In addition, you can take walks that are surrounding the place so that you take beautiful photos and have valuable memories. The site has several beauties for you to enjoy.

In the Haute Route, you will see some locals who like to offer inns, provide friendly attention, and offer natural foods. You will always have the guide’s attention, and you will be able to observe beautiful constructions and be part of their ceremonies. It is a natural place, full of legends and customs to start vacation trips.

Baltoro Glacier & K2, Pakistan

Baltoro Glacier & K2, Pakistan

Its incomparable historical itinerary will be a great offer for travelers in 2019. To begin with, the great ancient enclaves will be accessible for little money. The guide recommends these places as it is possible to access.

It has always been an affordable destination to travel and has enclaves declared Baltoro Glacier & K2 that await discovery, such as the open-air of the historic city, where the rivers and sea converge, and natural beauties. Located in the Karakoram mountain range, located between the borders of Pakistan and China, Best Places to Trek mountain reaches 8,611 meters high.

The landscape surrounding Baltoro Glacier & K2 mountain pass in the Karakoram mountain range is one of the most beautiful in the world. When touring the Baltoro glacier, the Trango Towers as the point where it intersects with the Godwin glacier is known Austen, and access point to the base camp of K2, the second-highest mountain in the world.

Hikers usually return from Best Places to Trek glacier crossing, but it is possible to turn south. The road is a challenge, as it requires ascending slopes of up to 50 degrees of inclination that must be overcome with the help of fixed ropes.

GR20, France

GR20, France

It usually goes unnoticed, but the 5,642 meters of the cold GR20 makes it the highest peak in Europe. It stands out about 1,000 meters above the average height of the mountain range and is located between the old continent and Asia. Its upper slopes are covered with glaciers and ice sheets that, it is believed, is about 200 meters thick, but reaching the top is simple.

You can climb up to 3,800 meters by cable car or chairlift, and the base camp can be established at Garabashi station or at the Diesel shelter, 90 minutes away. It is advisable to spend at least 1 day in shelters to complete acclimatization at altitude. Afterward, the summit day usually involves 8 hours of ascension and another 8 hours of descent.

The magnificent environments offered by GR20 will surely make you fall in love; it is an experience that you will not want to miss. You can see the most beautiful views. You can admire nature and even cloud waves. If you are going to travel to GR20, you must be part of its wonderful nature in the world.

It will be wonderful to take photos of the highest mountains in the beautiful sunsets, also with perfect weather. GR20 awaits you to enjoy the tourist places and vacations with the greatest comfort.

Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail, Peru

From Peru it is difficult not to notice the existence of Inca Trail for two reasons: it is a snowy and pointed peak that rises above the town and, in addition, almost all establishments advertise and offer excursions.

The interest of the mountain is not accidental: with its 33-kilometer ancient trail to the hilltop citadel of Machu Picchu is the highest mountains that can be climbed on foot. Several agencies offer excursions of 4 or 5 days, but it is convenient to opt for those that propose ascents in 7 or 9 days, to carry out a correct acclimatization process.

The ascent is not complicated and provides a wonderful panorama of the surrounding landscape.

While traveling Inca Trail, you will not want to stop being part of the tour and make a pleasant walk along the boardwalk. You will like to know that during the whole trekking, there will be a lot of vendors offering different types of food, memories of the visit, sweets, and even toys. It is perfect for walking, watching beautiful sunsets, and appreciating the sound of nature.

If your plan is trekking, you should not miss it and take tours to interesting places. In addition, the site has its square in honor of the founder of the city and a statue several meters high.

Pays Dogon, Mali

Pays Dogon, Mali

In the Mali mountain range, Pays Dogon, with 4,417 meters, is the roof of the continental. The path that leads to the summit of Whitney, one of the busiest in the country, begins at Portal and accumulates a height difference of 1,800 meters along its 17 kilometers.

The vast majority of those who try it take 2 to 10 days to complete, but the strongest get to get it in a single day. On the top, there is an extensive rocky plateau that offers fabulous views.

Among the tourist attractions that it has to offer, in the first instance, the mountain ranges conveniently are located on the shores of the Pacific. Although if you are looking for more, then you can ride during a tour of the mountains.

The best thing about walking in the Pays Dogon is to be able to observe the chain of volcanoes that exists in Mali. As the routes to the volcano are closed due to the activity of the volcano, within the park, you can make the route, which lasts a little over an hour and is an easy level.

Pays Dogon is a very varied destination, and full of wonderful adventures. Usually, it is usually associated with professional climbers, and with some training to travel their paths. While it is true at some point, the reality is that there are good options that make it one of the best hiking destinations, accessible to all audiences, where you can take a simple but very significant walk.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

There is a place that marks the border between hiking and mountaineering: Everest base camp, where one can find authentic mountain climbing legends. In addition, from here, you can undertake the ascent to Kala Pattar, a relatively affordable mountain of 5,545 meters, with privileged views of the highest mountain in the world.

Everest Base Camp includes a handful of peaks that would stand out greatly anywhere else on the planet, the so-called South Collado: a wide borders 8,000 meters high and where they try to sleep the night before, who try to step on the highest summit on Earth.

From the Everest Base Camp, the mountain views are, at best, partial, but from some surrounding peaks, as beautiful and imposing as Ama Dablam, the views obtained during the climb compensate for all the evils of height that inevitably suffer.

Excursions to the Everest base camp usually start at Lukla airfield. It takes about 11 days to reach. There are usually many people for Everest Base Camp trekking.

The most majestic mountain is presented on very clear days to remind you that it is close to the city. More impressive is to be on the trek and intend to reach the top.

Climbing Everest Base Camp is not for anyone, but it is also not necessary to be a professional to tame it. Everyone has to try, in the process of climbing above sea level, to know a little more about himself.

Indian Himalayas, India

Indian Himalayas, India

The Indian Himalayas is the roof and the highest peak. Despite Best Places to Trek, this 6,960-meter-high mole is not an exclusive mountaineer domain, but better-prepared trekkers can also reach the top. Without major technical difficulties, the main handicap for them is acclimatization at high altitude. There are many access routes to the summit of Indian Himalayas.

The Indian Himalayas is the jewel of the city and, although it is on the lips of many people and everyone knows where it is, there are very few people who can presume to have reached its peak. Going up the main street, there are several entrances to these.

You have to ask the locals to get the best recommendations. Its top is one of the most spectacular since you can see all of India City.

Indian Himalayas contains many long and complicated routes. Indian Himalayas greenish shade when the Sun shines in the area looks best. If one looks closely, you can see beauty formed by the internal springs.

With a weather app, it is possible to predict which day will be clear. It is necessary to go for a walk between 7 and 8 in the morning to take advantage of the moment of greater clarity. Continuing the route to the right, you reach the viewpoint. The route continues with a great descent, which takes you to the highest point of Indian Himalayas.

The Snowman Trek

The Snowman Trek

Snowman Trek with more than 250 routes to explore, which needs 24 days to complete. If you venture in spring or summer, you can close your experience with a delicious swim in the surrounding beaches.

The Snowman Trek has diversified over the years. However, the spiritual impact and the cultural and personal wealth that it brings remains the same regardless of the time elapsed. Without a doubt, it is loaded with history, being part of the artistic and cultural heritage as well as excellent landscapes and a privileged gastronomic route, it is an experience that you must live.

Although modernity has brought new and fast options to access the mythical Snowman Trek, there is no better way to do it, than walking through its mountains and valleys on foot. Farm fields, ruins of ancient cities, and amazing sunsets are some of the rewards that await you if you bet on Best Places to Trek travel destination.

Snowman Trek contains much smaller natural treasure, which remains unexplored by mass and conventional tourism. However, from time to time, some people get it on the map, and they can enjoy a walk that ends at Snowman Trek and is surrounded by plantations, green mountains, and villages with very hospitable people who will receive you with their arms open.

West Highland Way

West Highland Way

For a time, it was believed that West Highland Way was the best trek in the world, and, in a way, it is true that it is. Due to the shape of the land slightly flattened by the poles and bulky, with its five somital points, is the furthest point from the center of the Earth.

The busiest way up the West Highland Way is the route of the Castle, which takes between 12 and 14 hours to reach the top. Normally, excursions leave in the daytime, and you should have notions of trekking to complete them.

You walk around, and almost always, when the route goes to the highest areas, there is an alternate path of less difficulty surrounding that section. During some hours of the journey, you can feel very cool, its most beautiful color; then feel an intense cold, when the clouds cover the entire site and the color of the grass.

Thus, the landscape is changing all the time, always surrounding us with small plants, flowers, and wild fruits, birds, butterflies, and grazing animals. In the middle of the road, on the other side of the crater, do not be surprised to meet a beverage seller almost 4,000 meters high.

In that area, there are roads that go to the beauty but are very visited by local people, who walk among the rocks of the shore and bathe in those icy waters.

From there, the route continues at the top of the crater to return to the starting point crossing a sector where it is possible to see the different geological layers of the mountain.

There is another alternate route, downwards, to the sector where the plants and trees place to camp. If you choose Best Places to Trek, remember that going up from there to the entrance of the routes will take at the beauty of nature.

The Blue Trail

The Blue Trail

The Blue Trail serves as a paradise is a jewel for its soft white sand; its waters, of a crystalline lens so clear that it can be seen through them and its marine fauna, diverse and amazing for travelers from all over the world.

The Blue Trail consists of many islands in total, of which only one is permanently populated. The rest of the islands are made up of beautiful, almost private beaches for their visitors, among them are Blue Trail. In addition to the charming atmosphere and the beautiful beaches, you can also enjoy rich marine dishes, as well as water sports such as diving or fishing.

The best thing about Best Places to Trek Blue Trail is that they are not so isolated as to be inaccessible they appear to be a virgin paradise in the eyes of their visitors. Its land seems to be barren without life; However, nothing is further from reality, and you only need to look more closely.

It is abundant, and its vegetation, although scarce at the base of the Island due to lack of rainfall, looms in the highest areas as a natural spectacle.

The Blue Trail serves as a natural border that makes the area an incredible tourist attraction that is not only to admire Best Places to Trek amazing body of water but also introduces a whole series of activities for the enjoyment of tourists.

Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina

Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina

Aconcagua is one of the main natural heritage of the province. Tourists who visit it have the option of spending the day, trekking through one of the smaller squares, or going to the summit on the hill; however, they are less likely to hire excursions to climb to one of the points that lead to the highest summit.

Most of the people who summit are foreign tourists. About 80% of those who do trekking which is 4300 meters above sea level. Only 20% choose to climb more than 6 thousand meters of the hill.

The physical conditions required for the day, the minimum. It is a demanding activity, and if you want to climb towards one of the smaller camps, it is also necessary to have extra preparation.

Attraction visited by thousands of tourists a year to do adventure tourism, the Aconcagua Hill is chosen by those who live in the province. Aconcagua Base Camp activities are carried out to explore nature’s beauty.

As you climb the distance, you see an Argentine flag that the wind keeps deployed; then, the park rangers’ camp and the camp. It seems that it is within reach, but it is difficult to arrive, the sign at the entrance to the camp 3,400 meters above sea level. Up to that point walked four and a half hours.

Highline Trail, Glacier National Park

Highline Trail, Glacier National Park

There is something that always happens in the Highline Trail, the water droplets formed by moisture seem to be alive on top of the trees, or of a small plant, about to fall, but suspended magnificently, bright by the reflection of the rays of Sun. On these plants, there are others growing: mosses, ferns, flowers. It is nature showing every layer that forms it.

Enjoying the details is one of the pleasures of walking through Best Places to Trek Glacier National Park.

From the entrance to the refuge, there are 8 kilometers that can be traveled by car, bicycle, or on foot. Upon arrival, there are 3 walking paths. You can also make a combination of all the trails, or go to the lagoons, in the highest area of ​​the park.

The cloud forest is dense, always has a thick and humid mist, and a primary forest can be observed. There is a deviation to the path after Best Places to Trek path. You have to climb a few meters until you reach the viewpoint, where you have a green and magnificent view of the park, and you can also see the distant capital.

Highline Trail contains the number of birds plants and flowers that are observed in the humid forest and the subtropical area. Among these, which gives the place its name. There are guided specialized in bird watching.

Schynige Platte to Faulhorn to First, Switzerland

Schynige Platte to Faulhorn to First, Switzerland

Schynige Platte to Faulhorn that attracts hikers to the Schynige Platte to Faulhorn to First, 5,896 meters high. Six roads lead to the top of the mountain. The simplest and busiest bus route, which culminates, just at the edge of the somital crater, at 5,685 meters.

Many turn around in Best Places to Trek place, although the real summit is still two hours away. However, to enjoy the scenery, it is worth taking much less known. Due to the altitude, it is convenient to take the climb calmly: 5 days is more than a reasonable time. It is forbidden to hike on your own.

One of Schynige Platte’s goals is the knowledge of the natural environment and cultural heritage of the area in which it is practiced, and therefore it can be said that it is a symbiosis between sport, culture, and the environment. It has been shown that hiking brings multiple benefits to people.

The roads used may be signposted or not. It also implies a higher level of self-sufficiency, so it requires using a backpack of greater capacity, in addition to more technical equipment that allows adapting to the inclement weather. Schynige Platte stays between stages can be done in mountain shelters, or in a tent.

Landmannaugar, Iceland

Landmannaugar, Iceland

Iceland is a hiker’s paradise being the Trekking in Landmannalaugar you should not miss if you want to enjoy impressive lakes, waterfalls, mountains of colors, canyons, and active volcanoes while you walk. Simply a top inside Iceland that you should not miss if trekking is your great passion.

If you have trekking in Iceland in mind, Trekking in Landmannalaugar is your biggest reference. A trekking route of 4 or 5 days, which you could do even in less, always depending on the state of your legs and that the unkind Icelandic weather allows.

A relatively comfortable route, with mountain shelters at each end of the stage being some of them really comfortable. Its slopes are relatively simple, especially when its profile is mainly downhill and whose greatest impediment is having to cross barefoot rivers at extremely low temperatures.

Landmannalaugar is known primarily for the colors that Icelandic volcanoes have forged. Very bright colors and that you can only enjoy for 4 months a year since the rest of the time they are hidden under a thick blanket of snow. Not in vain to reach the starting point of the route is already an adventure, and on many occasions, it will be necessary to have a large 4 × 4, having to leave your vehicle without any contemplation.

Kjeragbolten, Norway

Kjeragbolten, Norway

When trekking to Kjeragbolten one must know that one is going to ride on a pure and hard mountain. The prevention measures are the same as always consult the weather forecast, bring appropriate mountain equipment, and respect the authorities. It is the best and safest season to visit Kjeragbolten.

Although in length, it may not be one of the longest activities in Norway, the morphology of the terrain causes sudden descents and ascents along quite steep areas along the way. In the complicated sections, you have the help of chains, but Best Places to Trek intermittent unevenness may require a good physical condition. The trail is either marked by high traffic or marked with red Ts in areas of pure rock.

There is a way to park in the surroundings without paying to park, and also avoid the first big climb of the crossing. It is an almost invisible path that starts from a small margin on the road and crosses a hill through which almost no one passes.

Climbing Kjeragbolten with a kilometer of free fall at your feet, is so traumatic for the nerves that it is relaxing. Kjeragbolten is a beautiful natural balcony with stunning views of the fjord and the 1,000-meter walls that guard it. A good place for lunch caressed by the SunSun.

Love Valley, Cappadocia

Love Valley, Cappadocia

Let’s start from the basis that it can be done in organized mode or on your own. With Love Valley, you can have the advantage of having placed in insured shelters, and that food is included.

The rest of the material is carried by you, including sleeping bag, crampons if necessary, phallic-shaped rock, and unique vegetation. As you go with a guide, you will know your surroundings better, and you can make friends in the shelters. An agency that works very well specializing in travel to Cappadocia.

If you choose to go to your air, you may not have accommodation, simply because the bivouac or the tent will be your only option. If time does not whip you, it is a really interesting option. You will have to carry all your food and water since most of the shelters do not have these services.

It is a very safe route, to which you only have to put a little common sense. Things like getting into nature, approaching the rocks, blocks of shelters or the face of a few friends, and crossing runaway, etc.

Angels Landing, Zion National Park

Angels Landing, Zion National Park

Angels Landing Zion National Park had left its mark years ago, and whenever you returned to the United States, you can enjoy the beauty. You will be pleasantly impressed that the first time, but the main reason is that you could travel all the routes you would have wanted.

Ascend the first slope, and the views of the valley were overwhelming. Enjoy to overtake the people who walked along the path, and Best Places to Trek was not because you were running, but the path is taken by all kinds of people regardless of their physical form and age. Remember that Best Places to Trek is the United States, and everything goes, even if you leave the porridge on the road.

As you gained ground, the road was still in perfect condition and was very well prepared. In other places, only the beginnings are well-conditioned, but here they are from beginning to end, without damaging the environment too much.

You arrived at a small canyon where the light was barely entering, something to be grateful for in the hottest moments. Anyway, at the end of Best Places to Trek, you were surprised, and it was nothing more and nothing less than an endless zig-zag that climbed several hundred meters.

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