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Best Craft Beer Bars All Over The World

There was a time when people had to hope the bar they go to, would have craft beer. It wasn’t common in the past, and precious for those who loved it. Craft Beer Bars and However, things have changed now, and there are craft beer bars all over the world.

There are craft beer bars in the USA, all over Europe and Hong Kong. Craft beer bars have opened in those places, whose name people might not have even heard of. All these things have one thing in common; their love for drinking craft beer.

Best Craft Beer Bars All Over The World

Everyone knows that the people of Paris love wine. However, in recent years, their interest in craft beer has increased.

Some really good breweries have opened all over Paris, and craft beer bars have revolutionized the drinking culture.

  1. Frog and Rosbif

This craft beer bar is located at Rue-Saint-Denis, Paris. There are many Frog and Rosbif pubs around Paris, and they have pretty authentic taste craft beer.

The atmosphere of the bar is really good, and customers have fun there, because the bar plays sports events. When customers go to the pub, the pub will give them an English-French combined feeling.

The price of the craft beer is reasonable, and they have a happy hour too.

craft beer

  1. Biere & Malt

The selection of craft beer in this Paris bar is really good. It is not very easy to find a place in this bar, and it is pricy too.

Along with a craft beer, people can enjoy really good snacks like cheese, foie gras, and charcutrie boards.

  1. Le Supersonic

On weekends, this bar is noisy and crammy. On weekdays, this bar in Paris is perfect for a get together.

The bar features some really good local and international craft beers on tap. It also showcases a good bottled collection.

The best part of this bar is that, those who go for a quick drink here, end up staying all night. This is mainly because of its cool ambience.

  1. À la bière comme à la bière

If customers want more choice for their craft beer addiction in Paris,  then this place has a variety of them.

There are hundreds of craft beer in this bar, which has been imported from all parts of the world.

Customers can find craft beer from Brazil or any other country, where they have tried craft beer before.

The bar has single tables as well, for those who just want to enjoy their craft beer alone. The bar also lets customers take the craft beer they like, home with them.

  1. The Stuyck

This is a cozy bar in Madrid, which has a rotating beer list. The main focus of the bar is Spanish and European craft beers.

The staff of this bar is really passionate about craft beer, and even have their own blog about it.

  1. Mikkeller

The interior of Mikkeller is really inviting and cozy. The staff is friendly, and they even let customers sample craft beer. They serve craft beers imported from Denmark, Spain and even Barcelona. This bar is Madrid has a rock-star status among the community, because of its international quality craft beer.

The quality of the craft beers is really good, but it can be expensive. However, it is a good place for a friendly get together.

craft beer

  1. Bee Bee Craft Beers and Cheeses

Most people all over the world think that cheese goes well with wine. However, this Madrid bar proves otherwise.

When customers visit this bar, the bar staff will serve them craft beer, meat and cheese board.

This is a highly recommended combination. The craft beers come from unique breweries, like Wasabi Laager.

The bar also serves international bottled beers, but they can be expensive.

  1. Fabrica Maravillas

This craft beer bar in Madrid is like no other. It is all about craft beer and some snacks. The microbrewery is fully focused on craft beers.

The bar used to be trendy and famous in Madrid for their craft beer. Even when the trend went down, the bar is still there.

  1. Taproom Madrid

This Madrid bar has the best beer collection, and provides customers with 40 types of craft beer on tap.

The place is particularly perfect for those people, who are trying beer for the first time, and want to try different variety of beers.

The bar has a great burrito place next door, and they let customers bring their burritos with them.

  1. El Callejón de La Virgen

This bar has many branches in Madrid, because it has one of the best craft beer selections. They have their own brewery and some of the customer favorites include Jamonera, and Madrid Lager.

Customers can also enjoy juicy burgers, and especially stop by this bar on weekend nights.

  1. Good People Brewing

This is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and is one of the few quality craft beer bars in the vicinity. It has a good atmosphere, along with an outdoor patio, which is a popular spot amongst people.

This is the best place for those who want to try the unique taste of craft beer, brewed in Alabama. Those who travel to Alabama will surely enjoy this place.

  1. Tucson Hop Shop

This Tucson craft beer bar serves rare microbrews on tap. The list of craft beers in this bar is truly special, and customers will get a taste of good craft beers.

There are about 20 taps in this bar for travelers and locals. This is one of the best places to go in Arizona, for a craft beer.

craft beer

The interior of the bar is designed like a beer garden, and it is not stuffy at all. Customers will surely love a spacious bar.

  1. Alvy’s

This Hong Kong bar is in the cozy neighborhood of Kennedy Town. It serves delicious pizza, which is made of ingredients like mala and char siu.

The craft beer menu here is quite impressive, and it comes from Young Master. The bar also serves imported craft beers, from rare breweries.

It updates its craft beer menu, every now and then, and whenever customers go there, they will get something new to drink.

  1. Big Sur

This craft beer bar is located in Soho, Hong Kong It is a really good place to go during the day. It has an arrangement for customers to sit both indoors and outdoors.

The craft beer that the bar serves is local and international. In local craft beer breweries, customers will be able to enjoy names like Young Master and Heroes. From international brewery, the bar serves craft beer from the Garage Project.

  1. Blue Supreme

This Sheng Wan, Hong Kong based craft beer bar is very beautifully decorated.

Here, customers will be able to enjoy funky and sour craft beers, which are Belgian style. This bar is one of its kind, because the craft beers served here, customers won’t be able to enjoy anywhere else.

They also serve food for customers, and beers from local breweries. If someone is traveling to Sheung Wan, then they must visit this bar.

  1. Mason & Company, Hackney Wick

Mason & Company is a huge name in London; when people talk about craft beer, they talk about Mason & Taylor.

They have 20 taps of craft beer, along with bottled and canned brews. The beer comes from independent breweries, and the bar also hosts ‘Meet the Brewer Sessions’.

The best thing about this bar is its refined environment. There are big glass windows, and customers can even sit outside to enjoy the location.

  1. Harp

This is another great craft beer bar in London, which offers a selection of more than 20 breweries. This is a popular spot among London drinkers, because of the variety of options that it offers.

Apart from the craft beer selection and the amazing tastes available to customers, the ambience of the pub is really pleasant.

There are portraits on the wall, which give the bar a really beautiful look.

  1. The Old Red Crow

This is a really busy craft beer bar in London, located near Piccadilly Circus.

The unique feature of this bar is that it offers music and fun to its customers. They have a good collection of craft beers, along with 20 taps.

The ambience of the bar, gives a really comfortable feeling to the customer.

  1. Flying Saucer

In Little Rock, Arkansas, those who want an extensive craft beer selection, come to this bar. There are about 75 craft beer taps, and 170 choices in bottles.

Those who are picky about their craft beer selection, will surely find something good in this bar.

The bar invites the locals for beer tasting, and the beer that gets the highest vote, goes to the menu of the bar.

  1. Mayor Of Old Town

The craft beer line up here, is pretty impressive. This bar is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The ambience of the bar is truly beautiful, and this is a must come place for those, who have not tried craft beers before.

Craft beer beginners should let the staff know, and the friendly staff will help them find a craft beer, that suits their taste.

  1. BeerMarket

This a Moscow based beer market, which is not only a market, but a bar as well. It is a popular shop among the locals, because they can easily buy crafty beers from all around the world.

Customers can get crafty beers from Belgium and Australia, and enjoy football at the same time.

The place is so popular among the locals, that it is always full. Those who want to go to the bar, have to make a reservation in advance.

  1. The Tipsy Craft Beer Pub

Usually, beer pubs are located in crowded places, but this craft beer pub in Moscow, is located in a quiet neighborhood.

The craft beers served in the bar are important from the European Union, Australia and the United States.

Customers can taste different draught beers, and enjoy football at the same time. Between Tuesday and Friday, the bar is filled with people who love craft beers and football.

  1. Sosna & Lipa Bar

At the heart of Moscow, customers will find a craft beer bar, which is also known as a craft beer boutique.

The bar serves a variety of drinks imported from the European breweries, but the prices are still affordable for customers.

craft beer

This place is perfect for tourists, who want to taste a variety of craft beers, while they are away from home.

  1. The Tap

In Bloomington, Indiana, the craft beer lovers go to ‘The Tap’. This bar serves over 450 types of craft beers.

This means that each time a customer comes, he can try a new craft beer, adding to taste and experience.

90 craft beers are served on tap, while the rest is available in bottles.

The menu of craft beers keeps on changing, but the quality and the taste remain the same.

Those who have time and want to spend most of their day tasting craft beers, then this is the place for them.

  1. Holy Grale

The location of this bar is truly unique. This bar in Louisville, Kentucky, is inside a really old church.

When customers visit this bar, they will get craft beer in the choir loft, which makes it really trendy.

Tourists should really go to this bar, and Instagram it, because it is a really interesting place.

The craft beers are good here, and the ambience adds to the enjoyment of customers.

  1. Hop’n Roll

This place serves pretty good Curitiba crafty beer. It has an in-house brewery, and delicious food for customers.

The bar is located in Centro Civico, Curitiba, and is one of the best craft beer bars in Brazil. They serves really good craft beers, and as they have an in-house brewery, they experiment with their craft beers as well.

  1. Wishbeer

There are many places in Bangkok, from where customers can get craft beer. Wishebeer proides customers with 43 craft beer taps.

It has the largest selection of craft beer in not only Bangkok, but Thailand. The craft beer served in this bar, is international and local.

The bars also serves customers with delicious dishes like rotisserie chicken.  Customers have also liked the mouthwatering ribs, along with their craft beers.

  1. Hair of the Dog

It is indeed a very unique name! Those who are going to Bangkok for the first time, should not miss the chance to buying craft beers, from this famous bar. There are about 13 rotating taps, and craft beer bottles, for customers.

Customers can choose from a variety of craft beers, and benefit form this bar’s experience of craft beer.

  1. Save Our Souls

This is an excellent place for both locals and travelers. They can easily sample the rotating eigh craft beer taps at the bar.

Customers can munch on Thai food and try the different craft beer, that the bar offers them.

Moreover, as locals come to this bar, it is a perfect place for travelers to learn more about craft beer, particularly in Thailand.

  1. Devil’s Peak Brewery and the Taproom

This bar is located in Capetown and is in a renovated warehouse. This warehouse used to be a textile factory.

This is a famous brewery in Capetown, which offers craft beers from both Belgium and America.

The craft beers are made from fresh ingredients,  and the tap room is nicely decorated.

  1. Banana Jam Café

The interesting part of this Capetown Café is not just its bar name. It has 80 bottled beers, and 30 craft beers, available on tap.

This is a very colorful bar, pleasing to the eyes. Apart from its craft beer, it also has a good food menu, which offer great snacks like fried, burgers and chili poppers.

  1. Jack Black’s Brewing Co.

This bar has a wide variety of craft beers. There are 25 barrels in this facility, and they have a really well decorated tap room.

Customers can come here and taste the different craft beer available to them, throughout the week.

A unique feature of this Capetown bar is that, it features live music and open mic nights. It even has quiz nights to keep the customers entertained.

  1. The Bitter Phew

This is a dream bar for any craft beer lover, located in Melbourne. This bar opened in 2014, and since then, its craft beers and ciders have been very popular.

It offers around 100 types of beers, and they even advertise tasting of craft beers every month, which are not easy to find.

  1. The Noble Hops

This bar in Melbourne serves craft beers to locals living in the suburbs.

There are ten taps of craft beers available for customers, which serve both international and local craft beers.

The unique feature of these craft beers is that, customers can’t find them anywhere else in the city.

  1. Hive Bar

For those who have been to Melbourne, they recommend going to Hive Bar for craft beers. Even though there are only four taps of craft beer, there are two fridges of craft beer as well.

Customers can choose from drinking wine, whisky and other spirits.

This bar plays records for customers, and it creates a really pleasant atmosphere for them.

  1. Microbar

This bar is located in Iceland, in Reykjavik. This is a very old bar, which serves ten taps of craft beers.

Eight taps of these craft beers come from Iceland, but there are bottle craft beers available as well for customers.

This bar receives customers from all around the world, because it has a really interior and exterior. Iceland is becoming quite famous for craft beers, mainly because of the variety available in Icelandic bars.

  1. Sori Taproom

This bar is located in Helsinki, which is in Finland. The people of Finland are very enthusiastic about craft beers, and its consumption is an emerging trend now.

Twenty years ago, Finland didn’t have many breweries, but as people have now shown interest in craft beers, bars have started serving a variety of them.

It has a very modern kitchen, which is made in American style. They serve BBQ meats and burgers as well.

The craft beer in this bar is served from twenty four taps. This could be a real delight for customers, who want to drink craft beer and eat their dinner as well.

  1. BierCab

This is a really uniquely designed bar in Barcelona, Spain. It is situated in the university district, and is mostly crowded in the late hours of the night.

There are a variety of craft beers available in this bar, and the bar has some really good selection. Visitors will find craft beer varieties from not only the USA, but also Italy, Sweden and Belgium. The interior of the club has a very goth look, and customers will surely enjoy drinking craft beer there.

  1. Frisches Bier

Munich was a beer market, where six large breweries dominated. However, in recent times, more breweries have started to open up in Munich, where  this bar is located.

This is a craft beer bar, which is located in slaughterhouse district. It has a very simple and warm interior. There are fourteen taps in this bar, and customers are served craft beers from all around the world.

The locals come to this bar, because it gives a very warm and friendly feeling to them.

  1. Pop’s Place

When talking about craft beer bars from all around the world, one cannot forget Ljubljana, Slovenia. Pop’s bar is located there, and it is a must visit for travelers.

There are fifty varieties of craft beer available in this bar. Most of these craft beers are produced locally.

However, the bar also has international craft beer varieties, that come from Estonia and Austria.

The bar is unique because there are long and communal tables for customers. The interior promotes a friendly atomosphere, where  the customers would like to stay for a long time.

  1. Gunner’s Pub

This is an excellent place for craft beer in Belgrade. The bar is packed to the brim and gives a really good pub feel.

There are many craft beer options, from which a person can choose from. The craft beers are mostly Serbian, but there are bottles, from which customers can choose as well.

This pub partnered with Crow Brewery, and the craft beers are not very costly.

  1. Majstor Za Pivo

This is Serbian brewery’s taproom, located in Beograd. The best part about this bar is that, it is one of the biggest craft beer brands.

Customers get to choose from a variety of craft beer taps, which are imported from all parts of the world.

  1. Somo Pivo

This bar is located in Beograd, and is an abandoned mall, basically. The bar has a huge balcony, where customers can enjoy their craft beers.

There are tons of options for customers, for choosing their craft beer taps. They have their own beer and craft beer recipes, but they brew them somewhere else.

The ambiance of the bar is really good. Those who have been to Beograd, would feel that this is a good bar, where they can have fun and drink craft beers.

  1. Brouwerij Troost

This bar is very popular in Amsterdam, as it has over four branches there. They specialize in creating different craft beers, and the customers love the refreshing ambiance of the bar.

Apart from special craft beers, the bar serves lemonade and other refreshing drinks for customers.

The most unique thing about this place is that, it has its own brewery right next to it. Customers can see where the craft beers are made, and even sample them.

  1. BeerGeek Bar

This place is in the city of Prague, where the top craft beers are served. There are 30 craft beer kegs in this bar, along with a fridge full of bottles, which are from all around the world.

For food, customers can have a taste of the bar’s special ribs, along with craft beers. The beers are imported from Germany, Poland and Belgium.

  1. Illegal Beer

The reason why this bar attracts so many customers is because of its unusual name. The craft beers served in the bar are of quality. The snacks go well with the craft beers.

craft beer

The bar plays Tarantinoish music for the customers, which they mostly enjoy. If someone is in the Prague city, then they would find this bar very exciting and the taste of the craft beer, really good.

  1. The Sister

Perhaps, the name of this bar is quite unusual. The Sister serves organic craft beers to customers. They have a drinking menu, which customers would find fascinating. The menu has many choices from craft beers, to shakes, and wines.

The bar opens at breakfast and closes at dinner. The food uses organic products, so customers who are health conscious, should go to this bar.

  1. L’Ermitage

This Brussel’s based brewery is a couple of minutes away from Midi Station. The unique thing about this brewery is that it is run by artists. The bar has a really creative look; the ales and craft beers come with distinctive graphics.

It is mainly a brewery, which has a makeshift bar. Even though the bar serves expensive craft beers, people still come here to drink.

  1. Brasserie Cantillon

This bar receives customers from all around the world. This bar is a result of a Cantillon brewery, which is run by a family.

The bar produces craft beers from organic sources and ingredients. The guests can choose the tap from where they want to taste craft beer, and stay as long as they want.

The bar is famous, because of its fermentation process, and the organic yeast.

  1. Restore

Chef Alain Fayt runs this bar, and he brews his own craft beers. The bar is located in Brussels, Belgium. There is a really good collection of craft beers from, which the customers can choose.

There are desserts, waffles, and other delicious items, which customers can enjoy with their craft beers.

Craft beer bars are not hard to find anymore, because they are popular in every part of the country. Regardless of the country, people love craft beers.

Every bar has its own recipe for craft beers. The bars have pleasant ambiance, which is why customers like to spend more time there.

If bars only keep craft beers in their vicinity, then that won’t be a success for them. When customers come to a bar, with friends or family, they want to have snacks.

Keeping desserts with craft beers, can be really fun for customers. This is a unique idea and bars should definitely try it. Moreover, when customers come to a bar, they look at the interior of the bar.

Owners of bars should spend more time on creating a comfortable and appealing interior. If they have the option, they must set tables and chairs outside the bar as well.

When brewing craft beers, brewers should make sure that they follow the recipe properly. They should be patient when producing craft beer, and must not do things in a haste.

When customers come for craft beers, then they want to choose from a variety of craft beers. They would want to see more than ten taps in a bar, so that even if it gets crowded, or they don’t like on craft beer, they can choose another.

Craft beers are popular in even those cities, that didn’t produce them years ago, like Madrid. Usually, the bars are developed in American style, and the craft beers are displayed on the menu board.

However, the locals know which craft beer bars are the best. When they meet foreigners on their visit to a bar, they should share information with them. This would give travelers and tourists an insight into the craft beer drinking culture in the said country.

Craft beer has gained popularity, because there are different types of craft beers. However, the brewer has to make sure that the taste of the craft beers he produces, is good.

Craft beers are found in every part of the world, and as this article shows, each and every craft beer bar is special in its own way. Customers should do research about the craft beer bars in their area, before visiting any, to know about prices and variety.

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